Cheysuli Shuns Camera. Is she Bigger than Ever?

img_6047aHiding behind her toes, Cheysuli refuses to be photographed.

“She’s HUGE,” said one unnamed source. “In fact that Woman who had octuplets didn’t look this big.”

Other sources disagree. “She kinda looks footballish but she hasn’t gotten huge. Can’t a cat over eat a little bit without everyone dissecting her every morsel?”

Nutritionists have been writing in offering Cheysuli advice on what to eat and not eat.

“Well she should be eating more protein and less carbohydrates but all less animal fat,” said the staff person in charge of reading the mail. “The problem is, she is a true carnivore and can’t get less animal fat because that’s what her body needs.”

Cheysuli has been unavailable for comment on her weight. Rumors abound that she will soon be on Oprah’s show.


  1. Poor Chey. It’s hard to be famous and in the public eye. Every morsel of food is chewed and regurgitated by the media.

  2. Do not worry Chey, they says my sisfur looks like a little football now, but I tell ya, she is more agile and fast than little skinny ole me is on my best of days!! Anyways, there is more to luuuve :))


  3. Don’t worry … the press is watching Jessica Simpsons new weight gain…we are sure you are still a stick insect


  4. Chey – I think you look perfect just the way you are!

  5. Bah. If Chey is as big as the OctoMom, then I’m as big as two of her, AND I’M NOT! I’M NOT!

    We are fluffy and beautiful. Now pass the Stinky Goodness. We’re hungry.

  6. Poor Chey. Every ounce is noticeable when you don’t have lots of floof to cover it. You’ll take those ounces off in no time!

  7. I feel like Chey is stick on my nose~!
    I almost could smell her~!
    She is so gogerous~! Someone is just jealous at her!!
    She is the most beautiful lady~

  8. Chey, you’re lovely in any size! Those big blue eyes simply hypnotise. It doesn’t matter if you’re podgy, we know your critics are rude and dodgy!

    Oh, I think I wrote a pome. I usually only write pomes when I’m depressed! It just happened without volition. Could this be your new career? Muse to budding writers?!

    I wouldn’t have got where you were on Friday if I’d searched for eternity and a day. That place looks so stark and bare, I hope you didn’t linger there! (What? Oh noes, what am I like? Nobody knows…) 🙂 xxx

  9. There can never be enough Chey!

  10. Chey,you have lovely,little toesies and a nice tail.
    We do not believe you are huge. That is the talk of jealous beings
    who have no life!!!
    It would be cool to see you on Oprah though 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  11. if you go on Oprah, she will embarass you into going on a diet and then everyone REALLY will be hounding you and counting every tem-tay-shun and crunchy morsel that you put in your mouth. and then she will make you run a marathon.

  12. Can yoo teach me to hide behind toes, Chey? I wanna leark that trik.

  13. Hmmm, I’m thinking this is a silly old rumor, but then again when Oprah was gaining weight she wouldn’t allow her whole body to be photographed for the cover of her magazine….just stop the rumors Chey and go for the whole body photo…we’re pretty sure you look just fine. Your paws sure are pretty!

  14. Chey, you can’t really be huge when you still can hide behind your paws!

  15. Oh Chey…the media is relentless! We think if you are bigger (and we’re not saying you are) there’s just more of you to love!

  16. With toes that dainty its impossible to think the rest of you is any less lovely.

  17. The media just gets so fixated, don’t they. It’s winter floof. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

  18. You are cuddly Chey, and that’s the way we like to see you. We don’t want to see any size zero stick insects.

  19. I think those paws are to dainty for you to be “footballish”! Perhaps a little poop on the editor’s pillows will teach them to spread lies.

  20. Your feets are beautiful. You wtill have your winter coat and they are just jealous!


  21. Chey yoo has cute pawsies. We dun listen to da rumours, yoo is lovely however yoo is!

  22. Chey, wood yoo like me to deezine a stylish tent dress fur yoo to hide all yer extra powndage?

  23. dont let oprah maked yoo cry.

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