Cheysuli Part of the Catwalk of Fame

catwalk-of-fameCheysuli finally gets the recognition she deserves with this star for the Hollywood Catwalk of Fame.

“I am so honored,” Cheysuli told reporters.  “It’s finally happened.  I have my own star!”

While rumors abound that the former presidential candidate is getting large enough that she should have been awarded a black hole instead, Cheysuli seems to shrug off the negative publicity.


  1. Congratulations, Chey. You deserve to be on the Catwalk of Fame.

  2. Didja leaf paw-prints in muddy cement shtuff? Actyoully, wet litter is like cement… maybe dey use dat. Wul, concatulations, Chey!

  3. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your star. I think this calls for a party. Coome on by MO’s and we will celebrate with margaritas!

  4. Chey, maybey yoo shooda got a GAS GIANT insted of a star! hahahahaha!

  5. Hey, we thought the camera made you look 15# heavier…better watch out, Chubuli

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