Cheysuli Compares House Reps to Pooh

img_6001aLately the Republicans have tried to accuse Obama of playing partisan politics because he hasn’t listened and done everything they asked. Yet when he asks them for a vote, they vote exactly along party lines, country be damned.

I think this is a great misuse of the word partisan, when they are calling the President partisan when they clearly are to the detriment of the people they are supposed to represent.

Humans need to learn what their language means.

Muffin is something you eat. It is not a puffy little cat.

Puffin is a bird. It is not a little cat.

There is no such thing as Chey-tocks and I wish you’d quit using that name.

Chunky is what peanut butter is. Not Chey. And there is not Chunky Chey-tocks.

And will you stop calling Georgia Pooh and saying “Oh look at my lovely Pooh?” I find it offensive when you say that in the bathroom.

Almost as offensive as Dave Reichart and the rest of his gang calling Obama Partisan…


  1. After Disneyland with the Boss we may need to call for an emergency Bite & Run. You would think those Neo-cons would have learned by now. But for now …let’s enjoy our backstage passes with the BOSS…………….woooooooo cos pooses like us .. baby we were born to run……………

  2. Humans are silly…we’re heading off to Disneyland with the Boss too!

  3. Oooh, puffy tail!!

    Teri and the cats of Furrydance

  4. ok, well, the use of the nickname Pooh in the human litterbox room is very unfortunate. mommy says Chey-tocks is cute! and so are muffin and puffin. but then again, she’s very disturbed.

  5. Is somecat having a hissy fit this morning? Lol! I think the nicknames are cute, though I have reservations about Pooh. You can’t see the ‘h’ when it’s said and if it were to be used immediately after Chey-tocks (particularly in the bathroom) it could be interpreted as a bit, well, insulting, heh heh!

    I don’t know the ins and outs of American politics but it does sound like the Republicans are being hypocritical in not practising what they preach!

    Stay cool dear Chey! We’re certainly cool here, literally! About 5ins of snow and more forecast. Very unusual for this part of England. My blog got snowed over and was re-routed to The Weather Service! 🙂 xxx

  6. “Look at my lovely Pooh”?!?! Oh dear…

    True, humans can be so moooshy-goooshy when it comes to us cats. But remember, it’s that kind of devotion that we leverage into getting everything we want, when we want it.

  7. Chunky Chey-tocks!?! Gasp!
    I agree 100% – Humans need to say the right words for the right things!

  8. Beans don’t know how to talk pwoperwy, not wike us geniuses. No use getting all upset over them, Chey.

  9. Mom wants to smack all the Republicans for not caring about the American people! She hopes they all get voted out! This top economist told Charlie Gibson that tax breaks won’t cut it, we had to spend to get the economy going, just like FDR did. Arrghhh!
    Mom doesn’t call us any funky names like Chunky or Cheytocks. I guess that’s a good thing, huh?


  10. Yes, it is pretty ironic, isn’t it. Like the old expression: “Do as I say, not as I do.”

  11. Chey, I was very, very angry when I heard that not even a single Republican voted for the bill.

  12. You are not chunky at all!! You are beautiful and I’m happy you have a nice sun spot too.

  13. She calls you all those names? Oh the indignity of it!

  14. Your ears are very pretty.
    I think your mom just calls you those names because she did not read the fine print. No name calling…. especially porkykins, do not let her call you that.

  15. Chey, we think you are having a bad day…we don’t think you have chunky tocks.

  16. You look furry mad Chey.

  17. Chunky Cheytocks! The indignity! And I thought is was bad that mom called me Baby.

  18. *Gasp* Disrespect in your own home? You need to take a firm stand with your slaves. But I agree with Derby that you look lovely when you’re mad 🙂

  19. Is this kinda like 6 degrees of separation or something? heehee
    Humans confuse me,mainly because they have become lazy about their speech.
    They often use words incorrectly,as you have noted!!!!
    Pooh in the bathroom and Chunky Chey-tocks 😮 Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
    Purrs Mickey

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