Cheysuli: Bulimia Threatens?!

img_6043aAfter rumors of her increasing weight gain, now there are rumors abounding that former Presidential Candidate Cheysuli may actually be bulimic.

“Sometimes she eats a ton of food and then she just vomits it right back up on the floor,” said one person close to the former Candidate.

“I think she is secretly trying to loose weight by doing this,” another continued.

Experts argue that Cheysuli, having no teeth could be inhaling her food to quickly and then it is expanding as it mixes with the fluids in her stomach creating an uncomfortable distention… well FURTHER distention. Cats have the ability to vomit on demand so she is vomiting up the extra.

“I still think she is becoming some sort of Drama Cat,” said an unnamed and possibly jealous little puffy source. “She used to get all that attention by running for president and now all she has is her food.”

Others close to Cheysuli claim that this isn’t an issue and is being handled.

“You try and eat those crunchies you love so much with no teeth Puffalump!” Cheysuli was heard to yell.


  1. 0.0

    Doooooood….I never even THOUGHT about eating til I popped and then hurling it up. There would be room for MORE! I wonder if I can get the Woman to fall in line with this. Oh man, the AWESOMENESS of this idea!

  2. I think that’s whut I have! I herl all the time. Lately I’ve bin herling into the litterbox, wich seems to make the peepul happy.

  3. Oh, this is definitely what my sister Ginger has going on…including the drama cat stuff…Chey, say it isn’t so!

  4. Wowww….. Bulimia Threatens?!

  5. We agree that eating crunchy food without teeth is hard. That is one of the reasons why we don’t get it. We hope that you learn to slow down while eating so you don’t hurl.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  6. I think I must have been bulimic too because I kept hurling. When mum changed my crunchies to special ones, they were too good to hurl, now she says I have a slight (23lbs) weight problem. I hope you can get over your bulimia.

  7. Oh noes, Chey! We hate.hate.hate to hurl. Blech.

  8. Kaleb hurls at least once a week. usually in a convenient place for Mom to step into once she stumbles out of bed. He also likes to wake her up after he hurls by rubbing his face all over hers.

  9. Trixie used to eat crunchies until she was very full – then drink a lot of water and then about 5 minutes later hurl it all back up. Then she would do it all again. Over and Over. She only weighed 7 lbs so maybe she was bulemic too?

    Miles hurls alot. Mostly for attention.

  10. I think the heavier kitties are just jealous of your svelt figure Chey. Perhaps you ate just a bit to much and it had to come back up cause there wasn’t room in your tummy.
    That happens to my blurpy cousin a lot. She just gets a little to full and blurps it back up.

  11. Yup, sounds like jealousy to us. Though having no teeth must be a bummer. Come over here, and I will share some chocolate milk with you.


  12. I do not think I could ever be bulimic because I HATE to bomit! Chey, I see your face looks very slender and sculupted. I do not think you need to worry about your weight. Just enjoy your foodies!

  13. Well I myself do not suffer from said affliction but my dear brother Chase does this rather often really. I still think you are perfect the way you are!

    P.S. I missed you!!!!!!!!!!
    P.P.S. You might want to borrow one of my humans’s pictures from her trip for your Friday picture sometime. She said it was a really romantic city but FREEZING. And the ski mountain….CRAZY!

  14. Hey, Chey, I do that sometimes…even with teeth! And I’m not bulimic! Don’t worry about it…sounds like the press is just fishing for bad stuff to say about you….


  15. Oh dear!!! Do I detect a bit of family discord? heehee
    Chey,that is a most lovely picture of you!!!!!
    So pretty 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  16. OH Chey sweetie…. you and I are soul mates. I also have a a problem er, um, stopping eating… sometimes is just spills right out oopsie
    Love and purrs Prinnie

  17. wut’z “distenshun?”
    jus wunderin.
    i luv a woman widda shape …
    if u know wut i meen.

  18. Yoo know dat pawparotzi really is rough on yoo Chey. We dun believe a word dey say!

  19. Chey, you don’t need bulimia. You always look great in your pictures anyway. Your bean takes really good ones!

  20. Don’t care about anything they say about your weight! You wook just beautiful!

  21. LC, Ayla, and Iza says:

    Wow, we guess hafin no teef makes it hard ta know how much ya are eatin!

  22. Chey, take it from one who knows – it doesn’t count if you eat it standing up. Seriously! xx

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