Cheysuli Boldly Shows Off Full Body Stretch

img_6035aI was about to come out on Oprah with this nice slender look, however someone pointed out that there is a slight crease in the tummy. I suppose this means that I still look a bit like a football. And here I’ve been having so much fun chasing the other cats.

I can still stretch nicely and I intend to keep doing it. I don’t care what they say. No one has to look at my fat photos do they? I mean well yes humans have a tendency to say “See! Look at that. Isn’t that disgusting. Why would anyone ever want to look at that?”

And I say, “Well you are looking at it. You are asking someone else to look at it. Perhaps you have a better answer than the smart person who avoided the picture.”

So, I offer this for you. If it offends you, you may go elsewhere. Otherwise, worship at the alter of my magnificent meezer-ness, the penultimate pleasure of my plumpness. I plan to nap.

Hey–I’ve been chasing that darned little cat all over the place. I deserve a nap!


  1. Chey, I am awarding you an award, which you can find on my blog when I finish posting it.

  2. That stretch looks like it feels good. Do you mind if I follow suit?


  3. You still look sleek and elegant to me, Cheysuli. I will continue to worship at the altar of your awesome Meezerness.

  4. I like your lovely sleepy eyes, Chey~!
    You look very comfy~!

  5. I think you are simply beeeeeeeeaaauuuuuuuuuutiful Chey! Don’t let any bean, erm, cat tell you different! In any case, how can you fail to stay slim with Gemini as your personal trainer?! 🙂 xxx

  6. Definitely worthy of worship!

  7. Chey, you ARE a goddess! Different people cherish different-shaped gods!

  8. No worries Chey, you look lovely!

  9. Aw, Chey, we think you look pawsome! Very slim in that photo!

  10. Oh kitty is GORGEOUS!!!!

  11. you are not fat at all Chey!! tummy crease?

  12. My dear Chey, you look beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!
    There are too many starving, skinny things in the news these days!!!
    It is so nice to see you. You are not fat!!! You are lovely!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  13. You look very fine indeed Chey…although at Zoolatry they are referring to you as LARGER than life…what’s up with that? I’m sure they mean your purrsonality!!!

  14. We invite you to come here and chase little Miss Blue Nuit…she will give you a great workout. We are worn out…..nap time for all

  15. Feetsball? What feetsball? Pfffffffft.

  16. Chey, you aren’t fat, you just look very healthy!

  17. You are not fat at all!! I think you look purrfect!

  18. Fat? What fat? You is slender!

  19. What crease where? For goodness sake., you need a magnifying glass to see it. They are all jealous of you, Chey, plain and simple. I can see how it could happen, your awesomeness is pretty hard to behold.


  20. Your tail curled around your paws is so cute! I do that too. You’re just lovely, I still don’t see how anyone could say you have extra weight.

  21. deer chey,
    i worship at the alter of yer magnificent meezer-ness …
    da end.

  22. Chey, I think you are looking quite slender!

  23. A slight tummy crease someone pointed out? Well, let us point out that ‘someone’ doesn’t know what they are talking about. We see a beautiful, slim and magnificent meezer. You tell ’em we said that.

  24. We see no fatness. We see you looking sleek and beautiful.

  25. Wat an EXCELLENT display!

  26. Dear Miss Gemini
    My terrible Momma has been furry neglectfull to all of us kitties. WE have howled and protested to NO avail. Finally our louds meows found a soft spot and Momma has let us bisit. IT HAS BEEN AWWWFULL to be cast aside and not to be able to see yoo and ohmigudness what a portrait of yoo yesterday. WOWZA! I don’t knoo what we are gonna do wif Momma. She is buzier now dat she is home dan when she went away in da big metal machine to werk. GO FIGURE! I am always dreamin of yoo…

    yur boyfriendcat

  27. Chey, you are the epitome of magnificent meezerness, there is no doubt in our minds! And perhaps whoever has the nerve to call you fat should go to their eye doctor 😉
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  28. Such a lovely ladylike stretch!

  29. Fat? You? Don’t be silly!!! You are the epitome of meezer elegance and sleekness.

  30. Oh by the way, I have someting for you. Come see right away.


  31. I always watch Pooh Bear stretch, and cat-stretches look so relaxing! You’ve just seconded that motion!

  32. Why would a picture of you offend us, Chey? You’re beautiful and everyone appreciates beauty.

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