Why Did Momma Get A Horse Named Charlie?

thursWell, who can’t be thankful for a nice warm fire?!

I certainly am.  Momma got back after a very short day skiing. She got a horse named Charlie on the slopes and it wouldn’t go away and so she had to come home. I guess she had a hard time getting her boot off.  I think Charlie may have stepped on her or something because then she talked about being in pain.

I sat there and I purred at her lots to make her feel better.

Chey and Georgia were there too snoozing by the fire.


  1. Did she bring the horse home to yoo? He duzzint sound vary nice so I hopes not.

    Yesturday wuz such a grate day. My peeples had big smiles and thay toastid with happy joose. Americans did a good thing.

  2. I think sum mother’s milk and purr therapy is in order fur yer mom.

  3. We don’t know about this Charlie horse but hurting moms are never good! We hope she is feeling better already!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  4. Our mom sez a horse named Charlie is not a good thing…she hopes your mom feels better…

  5. Horse’s named Ed are much better, at least they will talk to you…and not make you hurt.

  6. I hear those horses named Charlie are painful and mean. I hope she gave him back right away.

    Oooooh . . . . that fire looks cozy! Can I come over?

  7. What’s a horse named Charlie? Can he plays? Why doesn’t your Mom bring him in to plays with you?

  8. Horses named Charlie are a real pain I hear! Hopefully he doesn’t follow her back to the slopes next time!

  9. Normally I like horsies, but that Charlie, he is No Good.

  10. She should have got a horse named Snap. They’re good horses.

  11. We want one of those fire boxes so many CBers have! Yeah, that horse named Charlie is not so nice to our beans. We hope your Mom is feeling better and that Charlie has left.

  12. A horse? On the slopes? Weird! Hopefully your Mom will feel better soon!

  13. sorry charlie
    or should I say sorry about charlie!

  14. Charlie doesn’t sound very nice. We checked with mum and none of our horses are called Charlie. Mum says she has met him a few times though.

  15. Oh! I hope your mom is feeling better soon. What a lovely place to rest together. If Charlie kicks my mom, would she stay home? I’d like that. Oh! I’d like her to stay home, not to be kicked by a horse!

  16. Oh! Victor’s comment was blocked! He wanted to tell you how Bonnie-cat used to turn into a pony… a little horse. I don’t get it, but it’s supposed to be funny because she growled so much.

  17. Maybe yer Mom shudnt invite Charlie to go wif her next time?

  18. A horse on the ski slopes???
    Was he skiing too? Too bad he bothered your Mom.
    Since she got purred on when she came home, I bet your Mom
    was probably happy he sent her home 🙂
    I think Molly,Shadow & Troo are right!!
    Stay away from Charlie!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  19. Oh, that Charlie sounds like a bad horse! Willow and I hope that your mom feels better now. That fire looks delightfully warm!

    Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  20. deer chey … in response to yer kweschun … “yes”

  21. that stinks that Charlie horse guy attacked your mommy’s leg! how rude. we are glad she had to come home early to all you lovey kitties tho!

  22. Horses named charlie are a lot of no fun. Mom knows. She used to have them when she was a lot younger. Thankfully not any more! Sorry that your ski day was cut very short.


  23. Seeeeeee, I told you humans were mad to go out doing dangerous things. Hey, I see Georgia sitting by the fire all cosy – Hi Georgia sweetheart!

    Whicky Wuudler

  24. Is Charlie the horse related to Snap?

  25. Gee whiz, those horsies named Charlie sure do get around! He visits our Momma sometimes when she is in bed, and we don’t think we ever see her move as fast as she does when he drops by! She does some funny stretchy things with her leg to try to get him to leave, is she kicking him? Hee hee! Our Momma is envious of your Momma, she hasn’t gone skiing in a squillion years, but feels so bad that yours had to cut her trip short … sighs!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  26. We also have a fire – but at the summer house and we go all to seldom. Them horses sound scary!

    Cliff & Olivia

  27. We hope your Momma is feeling much better soon. The fire looks so cosy – praps she should snuggle down wiv you and take a nap.

  28. What a cozy scene! I hope your momma’s horse Charlie is gone by now!

  29. Oh noes! we hope she got rid of that mean Charlie horse!

  30. I just love the fire! Take good care of your mom and keep that old mean Charlie Horse away from her.

    Thank you for dropping by with well wishes for my mom. Her shoulder is still hurting, but we are trying to visit a little bit at a time.

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