Yes We Did


Chey considers whether to wear this earring from Angus Mor to the Ball

We made history. While I was disappointed not to be the first cat in office (in fact, the first non human in the history of the world to be in office) I am proud to be a supporter of President Obama.

As he said, each new generation inspires the generations to come. Teachers and speakers and laborers are the people who will make the changes to come. I am proud to be a feline American. I am proud to be part of change.

History will look back upon January 20, 2009 and say, “They did good.” So now it’s time to get to work.


  1. Well i did hear him appoint you as the Secretary of napping… so that is a start… and why wear earrings at the ball when you can ‘find” a pair there. By the way you look fab in that Dolce Gabbana…………………..

  2. That’s a lovely earring! Put it in your jewellery box and take Zevo’s advice, hehe!

    What a day, whew! I think Secretary of Napping is a very worthy appointment and may lead to greater things… I would like to see you replace Hillary dear Chey, for example! Don’t ask me why, coz if I lost the law suit I would be more than bankrupt, lol!

    Thanks for your comment! I’m glad there’s hope for my hospital friend, she’s a nice lady. As for me, I’m trying not to worry; que sera, sera (spelling?!?)

    Luvzya 🙂 xxx

  3. Hey, aren’t you the Secretary of Virtual Travel??

  4. I see the TV show~!!
    I am looking forward the new changing~!

  5. The earring would go purrrfect with your outfit for the Ball!! Have loads of fun!
    Your FL furiends,

  6. Yesterday was a very, very good day!

  7. dat iz a nice picshure of yoo.

  8. Chey, it’s prolly a good thing that you weren’t elected, becuase werk is, well…………. too much like WERK. and it’s hard. and really, how much can you accomplish in 1 hour and 37 minutes of awake time a day? – Sammy

  9. We still think President Chey has a nice ring to it!

  10. Sammy makes a good point. If you had won the election, you would have to work. Really hard!

  11. That is a pretty ear ring. We heard you were being appointed as roving ambassador.

  12. yes, we did good. Hooray for Obama 🙂

  13. yes we did chey.

  14. Pretty jewelry, but not as pretty as you. In body, mind, and spirit, you’re perfection!

  15. we watched it too – well Mum and Karl watched and I slept

  16. Congrats to all of us! 🙂

  17. Yes it was a very moving and historical day. ‘At Last’.

  18. Umm, Momma sez maybe yoo shoodn’t ware that earring cuz yoo don’t look like yoo haff holes in yore eers to hang it. And using TAPE woodn’t look rite. We LUV Purrisdent Obama in Hah-why-eee espeshully since he wuz born and grew up heer. They called him Barry in Punahou Hi Skool ware he played baskitball.

  19. Yes we did! Isn’t it awesome. Mom was so excited. And yes, now there is los of work to do, but with a REAL leader, mom thinks we can finally get headed in the right direction!


  20. So, did you wear the earring, Chey? I wouldn’t wear them, but I think they’d be fun to bat around!

  21. Oh, I hope Mr. Obama can make things better. I hear a lot of news that sounds not very good for beans. Being president sounds like almost too much work for a cat!

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