Toys Bring Cats Together

img_5909aEven though we don’t always like each other, it is nice to have someone to play with new toys with.

We love our flingamastring toy.  Gemini comes running when she hears it go off!  I quite like watching her at it but  I have not yet attacked it.

I know, we mostly don’t seem to like each other but we do like each other a little bit.  Sometimes.  Every now and then. When we’re distracted. Or when Georgia is around. And when we play chase.


  1. Playing with toys can bring anyone together.

  2. That is great~!
    It’s so great if you need your brother and sister and he always be there. No matter you like each other or not at normal time.

  3. It’s lovely to have a bruv or sisfur. I love having Alfie around – even though I put the bitey on him sometimes if he annoys me. We love to share our toys and play THoE. It’s good to share toys.

  4. This is so true, toys and food are some things that can bring almost any cats together! 🙂

  5. We are the opposite. We cuddle together, but if we want to play with the same toy we hiss at each other.

  6. Us cats do fine, but my Grete dog steals our toys…while we are playing with them! The nerve!

  7. Oh I love my toys but I lOVE sheep and tiger more and they share my box with me.

  8. Having a playmate is always good! Harley and I sometimes play together, but we cannot ever just relax together because he wants to wrestle. All the time!

  9. It must be great to have a pal to play with. : )

  10. we are all like that with each other Chey. We will lay near each other and every once in a while we will snuggle, but mostly we ignore each other.

  11. Toys on a string are loads of fun! Rosie doesn’t play with them, but me and Teal’c sure do!


  12. “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” Great words of wisdom. Sometimes it’s just more fun to have someone to play with.

  13. String? That’s a no-no. Mom doesn’t let me play with anything that has string any more.

    Your friend

  14. Yeah toys do make us all play together too. Even Chase has been very playful recently.

  15. We do not all get along either. Sumtimes if there is nip around we get alonng even better … only cuz its nip!

  16. It’s nice to have toys bring cats together. We do not get along to well here 😉
    Our current cold weather helps keep us together. Ya can’t beat body heat.
    I use Mom’s body heat.My sisfurs can stick with each other,heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  17. It’s good to play, yay! That sounds like a great toy and if it can bring you together that can only be good 🙂 xxx

    P.S. Did I say before I love the new page?

  18. Cannot haf enuf toys efun if yoo has to share dem. Dat way yoo get dubble. A quick play and den go yur separate ways is good. We don’t share too much time together either. But if we had MORE TOYS dat jus might do it.

  19. If only humans had a “flingamastring” toy that could bring them together! I’ve never heard of one of those but it sounds like fun. I wonder if mommy could find me one…

    I love the new look, although I’ll miss seeing Chey as often. It is important to be “pundit” in today’s political landscape. Perhaps we’ll see her back in 2012?

  20. Toys are fun aren’t they? However, we don’t share at our household.

  21. I loves to plays with the Giant Kitty too when he gets new toys!

  22. Toys and friends just sort of go together, don’t they? 🙂

  23. Together playtime? Who woulda thunk it!

  24. I feel the same way about the buns.

  25. You two are the second group of kitties I’ve heard about that enjoy the flingamastring toy. I think I’m going to have to find one (or 2 or 3…they don’t share well) for the Meowers of Death.

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