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new-year-2009-1We actually had this in a draft for last week but decided a New Year’s post was more appropriate. We’re laughing now that Daisy is up for a REAL award and we’d like you all to go over there and make sure you vote!

It started when we were thinking about how often we would blog at the New and Improved site. It’s hard to come up with good content 6 days a week. Find Chey Fridays are easy enough as that’s sort of just a photo and standard text but the rest of the time, I hope to write good articles that will make you all think or at least laugh.

Having said that, we wanted to recognize Daisy for the fact that she comes up with really good enjoyable content 7 days a week. We’ve actually been aware of when her human hasn’t been around as much, yet there is always a post for Daisy. They are always timely! That’s a lot of creativity coming!

Additionally it’s a rare cat who doesn’t get a nice comment from Daisy on their blog. Given her following, I think she visits a lot of people who are outside our cat community. We’d like to recognize Daisy for setting a very high standard and for bringing cat blogging out of the joke category of the internet…


  1. We have been casting our votes every day (2 days now) for Daisy…but a couple of other silly sites are ahead. We must vote every day we can to help out! We love Daisy and Harley too.

  2. Daisy, Harley and their human mom put a lot of effort into their blog and into visiting other blogs. We hope they win, and we have voted for them too.

  3. we agrees totally! we loves daisy! she is what made mommy make sites about mees! ps–we lieks your site too

  4. I hope they win as well,
    they are really doing the best job of doing blog~!
    They are just wonderful~!

  5. I am in awe of Daisy…she deserves all the awards she can get. Face it, her blog is always funny or enlightening or educational, and she doesn’t have to be mean or crude to do it. I’m a tiny tiny bit jealous of all the comments she gets, but I’m more happy for her than anything.

  6. Daisy is a very sweet cat with sweet beans!

  7. Daisy is a very nice cat and we hope that she wins the award. We look forward to whatever you come up with on your new site.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  8. I so agree! I don’t know how she manages to blog every day and visit evfurrybody too! Daisy’s Momee is a wonder. She does all this, volunteers at her local shelter, keeps a lovely clean house without a thing out of place and obviously has a life! She is Superwoman and a nice person too! I’m off to vote now… 🙂 xxx

  9. Daisy’s Mommie runs a wonderful blog. We look forward to her updates every day.

  10. Wow, efurryone is posting such lovely tributes to Daisy these days. We love her too. And Harley!

  11. Hurrah for Daisy and her Mom!

  12. I’ve been voting for you as often as I can Daisy, ’cause you really are “The Cat!”

    Anyway I need to ask you for a little serious advice… You see we (Isis and I that is) are planning on buying Tigmut’hep a nice t-shirt to keep his big bald belly warm and to hopefully stop him over grooming it quite so much. The purrfect t-shirt for him would have at least a little sleeve in it and would be reasonably long to cover up his belly, while still giving him a good range of movement from the bed to his ‘nip stash and from there to the food bowl to deal with the munchies… Other than that it would preferably be plain black or at least subtle and mancatly in a Tigmut’hep sort of way – camo would also be acceptable to him I gather – especially if it would help his budding bird watching hobby! 🙂 Any and all advice would be great, you’re the best dressed cat we know and have such a good eye for both attractive and practical clothing, we’re both sure you’ll have a few ideas…

    Ramses and Isis

  13. You are so right Chey … Daisy is one pawsome furriend to all of us and her posts are always so very entertaining. We have been voting for her too, and hope she wins!!! And we think it is just so great that you posted this about her, it shows how much of a wonderful furriend you are too!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  14. Daisy is furry awesome and deserves to win the contest.

  15. We agree! Tons of kudos to Daisy!

  16. Doh! I saw the photo of Daisy and just thought Daisy! 😉 Ok I need more sleep in 2009… 🙂

  17. Bravo to Daisy! She does deserve recognition.

  18. Daisy is a love, and Mama has friends that visit her blog every day and they aren’t even cat bloggers! Daisy and her Mama’s dedication is pawesome, and I hope they know just how much they’re appreciated.


  19. Hooray for Daisy and Harley. We love their blog. We’ve voted for them. We hope they win!!

  20. Yes! Daisy is totally pawsum! We can’t believe everything that she comes up with to talk about on her site! From cartooning, to Mr. Shrill, to real live dead pets, to Harley, to everything! She is great! We keep voting, but that nasty site seems to be winning in the votes.

    Luf, Us

  21. Well said. Daisy does set the bar pretty high. Her creativity and talent is amazing. But I am even more amazed that she actually does go and comment on so many of the blogs. I know some days I’m lucky to comment on one or two, or the ones who commented on me at best, so I really appreciate how hard she works to support us all.

  22. ::thud:: I think I might have passed out for a second from blushing so hard! Thank you so much for the kind words. I really appreciate the amazing support I have received from everybuddy. When I found out I had been nominated, I was worried that I would not get more than a couple of votes! Even though I know I will not win, I am very, very proud to represent the cat blogging community.

    Sometimes I worry that I will run out of things to write about! But then I think, well a cat can write about almost anything a person can write about.

    You ALL have great blogs, and it is so much fun to see the different perspective that each cat brings. Obviously it is a labor of love.

    ps: My Mommie’s house is not that clean. She just takes photos from the clean spots. And uses PhotoShop.

  23. We cannot imagine anybuddy that would not LOVE Daisy! We think she must use magic because, as above ^, she seems to be everywhere! We do not know how she does it!

  24. We are going right over to vote for Daisy. Her blog is always a bright spot in our day and she is always there when you need a kind word.

    We wish our pet human had an upgraded mac so she could visit more blogs.. oh and i guess she would need more time too.

    happy 2009

  25. Hear, hear!!! Three cheers to our Daisy!!! I have been voting and voting for her.

  26. Vampy Vic says:

    You have so many good points why our Miss Daisy should win and we knowz she would if it was real.
    We have been voting every day also 🙂
    We loves her!

  27. Great post!! I feel the same as you do!!
    Creative posting daily is hard work and Daisy is pawsome 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  28. I’m going wight over to vote for Daisy! And I agwee totawwy, Daisy is simpwy awesome!

  29. I keep voting for Daisy every day! This was very nice of you to recognize her and her mom.

  30. Mum votes for us twice a day. Once from the home puter and once at work!

  31. We vote fur Daisy effury day…da site dat is in da lead, sheesh, guess we know what kinda beans is voting in dis thing…weerd, warped and perverted.

  32. We agree! We both love Daisy and her Mom too. We love reading her blog and harley is pretty cool as well.

  33. Three cheers for Daisy. We have been voting for her every day, but it seems like that yucky penguin blog that’s not a pet blog is going to win. that doesn’t matter though because we all know that she is the true winner.

  34. Whoo Hoo!! Daisy!! She is the best and we just love all the cool posts she comes up with! We vote for her everyday, too.
    Your FL furiends,

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