Sunday Guest Star AGAIN! Skeezix

01___26jan2008__01Early on, Skeezix came by and guessed:

Oh, Chey, it’s PURRfect for you…. Château de Cheverny in France?

And just in case, he came back and said:

Oops, was I spesifik enuf? The Château de Cheverny is Cheverny in the Loire Valley in France

And yes, it does look perfect for me. Perhaps a bit small but you know I quite liked this one. Much better than Chamborg which tended to be drafty.

Maggy and Zoey also knew we were in the Loire Valley as well so I give them thumbs up.

Jeter Harris got the right answer… but of course he cheated just a little bit! Still he is a very smart cat to know how to cheat! He’s just got to stop admitting that he does it!

Uncle Mo said:

A chateau in France would be purrfect for you!

I believe he is correct. I am the chateau type aren’t I? I would like to thank him for recognizing that. And when I purchase it, we shall have a wonderful wild party. Imagine all the THofE we could play THERE!

At any rate, I apologize for the poor photo quality this past week. Those photos are from 1984 when the Woman spent January in the Loire Valley in college. They spoke only French as they toured, so she reminds us, she was very quiet. However, she didn’t remember what to say when they passed through England and a lovely young woman said, “Hello.” After all, this was such a strange word and the Woman was so unused to hearing it. She said she probably looked like an idiot standing there trying to smile but unable to think of a single response that wasn’t in French! Still she loved the visit and they learned about the history of Louis IV (That is Louis Cat-oars–which really bothers me–I mean did he like make cats do all the rowing?) and Diane de Poitiers. They also visited Poitiers (obviously) and La Rochelle and Nante and of course, Paris. The Woman felt that Notre Dame de Paris would have been too obvious and the Louvre photos are so old they wouldn’t really have been recognizable as the new pyramid was in the midst of being built.


  1. Skeezy can’t help it, he’s jes got that star kwallity wharever he goes. MOL

  2. Ya know Skeezy is such a cool cat it is nice to see him honoured again 🙂
    I would love to be as worldly as he is 🙂 What a guy!!!!
    Nice dresser too 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  3. That would be a great place for a party – beans in one wing and THofE in another!

  4. Skeezix is a smarty-pants!

  5. I think everyone deserves a chateau of their own. We already have a staff, right?

  6. You should definitely buy that little place Chey. You wouldn’t be short of staff, us beans would be there with our owners like a shot! Hehe! Well, I haven’t got an owner at the moment, but you know what I mean! I need to get a bigger house, there’s just too much stuff in this one; I need more storage space!

    ConCATulations to Skeezy again. What a world traveller he is 🙂 xxx

  7. Well done again Skeezix! That Chateau would be so right for you. Even the name abbreviated spells your name.

  8. That Skeezix is one smart cat!

  9. Looks like the purrfect “cat house” to us…THoE, the great mouse pounce, the carpet slide, the feather flight…oh yeah, the games we could play. Assuming of course that you would invite all of us to visit.

  10. I love that Skeezix is such a very smart Mancat!

    Chey, my Mommie thought that story about your mom being taken by surprise by the “Hello”, because that would probably happen to my Mommie, too!

  11. That Skeezy is SO smart!

  12. Oopsie, I meant to say …thought that story was funny…

  13. Yay fur Skeezy! He’s such a hip and happenin feller!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  14. Dr Tweety says:

    Da Skeezix iz a furry well travfulled cat. He seems to be all placez at once. Hmmm, couldz he be om-nipped-entented????

  15. Ooooh a french chateau, how nice!!

  16. Skeezix is very geography savvy!! The only time we knew where you were was when we picked the place!! Have a wonderful Monday!!
    Your FL furiends,

  17. We love France and the French.. the cheese, ham. wine, fashion and pastise……..

  18. I wish I lived in France and cood go to all the fashun shows.

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