Sunday Guest Star

We love the title of this photo, Luxie...

We love the title of this photo, Luxie...

Well, although the boat seemed to be sinking fast, Luxor found me in time! Yeah Luxor! I was indeed in Knoxville, Tennesee.

We have no real cheating rules, although we do ask that anyone who sends us a photo have the right to give us permission to reuse it. So Lux, you couldn’t possible have cheated.

We’d also like to acknowledge Kaika who said,

I think Lux is right … it is in front of the Law Offices of Pryor, Flynn, Priest & Harber in Knoxville, TN. It is called “The Oarsman.”

From Jeter Harris we learned that Kaika is on Catster and we hope this is his profile here and it isn’t another cat with a similar name… We caught this cat laughing with Jeter so we thought we might be right (cats without blogs are welcome to put their catster link in the webpage field of our comment section). Although, Jeter thinks you would make a fantastic blogger and we would love to add you to our blogging family!

Finally, Derby also googled and found another view of the statue.

Jasper invited me down there to visit and talk we’d like to thank him for the photo and the idea.

Maggie and Zoey asked for a favor while I was there:

Once again we’ve no idea where you are. But would you mind stopping at that SunTrust bank please and sending us some green papers? Thank you very much.

Alas, Sun Trust Bank appears to have some specist ideas and tossed me back out into the rain! I tried…

The Meezers had some good advice:

please take some dramamine the next time you sail – we doesn’t want you barfing over the side of the boat again

I’ll consider that guys. Miles, how are you doing? As it would be far more dangerous for a tipsy cat like you to be hanging over the side.


  1. ConCATulashuns to Lux! And that is a furry handsum pickshure of him!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  2. Oops! I missed Friday’s post! I love the new design of your blog.

    My mom has been on that river numerous times when she goes to the football games in Tennessee!

    Congratulations to Lux!

  3. I can’t believe it! I finally got it right again! (Thanks, Google.) 🙂

    Kaika’s very smart!

  4. Congratulations to Lux! We were clueless, as usual! Your new teplate and blog title is awesome, Chey!

  5. What a beautiful photo of Lux!!! My SS always go gaga over him and his sisfurs. I digress. I have NO idea where the place is even when the answer is published. :sigh:

    Thought I was onto the wrong blog when I first came, thought it was Lux’s – you know, similar colouring and that gorgeous pic of him……

    SS, what a dumb kitty you have!

  6. No there’s a thought MoMo… I could make the Woman change the blog colors up for each Sunday Guest Star.. how perfect!!!

  7. Great work Lux, and such a handsome photo. We’d never seen that statue before, but think it’s well done for the way that he seems to be trapped in the pavement. Great work getting around the place as usual Chey – we had no idea where you were, so kudos to Lux and Ikaika for their efforts.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  8. We look often at the photos but have no clue. Our mommy said one day she is going to orginize and send you some photos

  9. Good job, Lux!

    That is indeed my Catster page, Chey, which my mom has neglected to update. I like your Friday contests. Thank you for the link, and thanks to my great friend Jeter for, well, being Jeter!


  10. Congratulations to Lux. I love that picture of him, too. I also like your new look.

  11. Concats to Lux. The new look to your blog is great. We love it!

  12. Lux is so smart!
    Your blog looks fantastic, such a “clean” design. We love it

  13. Congratulations to Luxor! And I also want to say that I really like your new look! It looks really fresh and easy to read.

  14. Way to go Luxie! We like the look of your bloggy too, Chey, and like your idea of changing the color for each Sunday Guest Star! Have a Happy Sunday, furriend!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  15. wen yer blog came up on mi skreen i sed “whoa! watta hansum lookin paje”
    thank u fer givin mi grate frend ‘kaika sum press.
    an congratyoolashunz to lux. (speekin uv hansum!)

  16. Your new site looks fabulous…. wow. If only our pet human would pay more attention to ours. We love Lux. So happy he is the guest star today. I would be so happy if you would take Nubi off my hands and allow him to escort you to the Inaugural events. I am still hoping the Keith Olbermann will dump his stick insect girlfriend and take me. I will send you a few hams as payment……


  17. wow we love the new looks of yer page.
    Momma sucks at these things – really!

  18. Wowie! I like your new webpage Chey.

  19. Congrats to Lux and his googling prowess! Great new look Chey!

  20. What a nice new home you have here! We love it!
    ~ Anna Sue

  21. I came back to say how lovely this finished page is – very well designed – and even I was startled by my face staring back at me! 🙂

  22. I had absolutely no idea where you were but good on the lovely, handsome Lux for getting it right!

    I love your new layout, very cool!

    Thank you for your purrs guys, I can feel the rumbling vibrations all the way over here! Luvzya 🙂 xxx

  23. we LOVE the new look and title Chey!!! concatulations to Lux!!!

    Chey, thank you for asking about how i’m doing. I’m not doing really well, but we are trying to deal with it as best we can. I’m just chilling and purring with mommy whenever I can. I truly am Velcro Kitty. whether she likes it or not. – Miles

  24. Goodbye guys, we didn’t want to leave without saying how much we’ll miss you. Good luck in the next elections! we’re still rooting for you!

  25. yoo wuz close ta owr home and we didnt even guess right at it. concats Lux on guessing ryte.

  26. We love the new look bloggie. It’s really smart! We got confused when we saw Lux though – we thort we was on his bloggie instead of yours! Hahahahaha!

  27. Dr Tweety says:

    Oh dat Luxie! He iz one smart, kind, & good lookin’ cat!

  28. We think your new look is very handsome, just like the two of you. Lucky is psyched, because you have a photo of Luxor up.


  29. Yay Lux! Good job!

  30. Good job Lux!!! Great answers from every other cat!!
    I giggled at the Meezers answer,heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  31. Cool looking blog too 🙂

  32. Oah My~!
    What a wonderful new blog template~!!! Wonderful~!!!
    And the best Sunday Guest Star every~! Horray~!

  33. hugs and chin scritches to all
    Uncle Mo

  34. Lux did a great job locating that sinking boat! We love new look on the blog.

  35. Hooray for Luxor – and what a handsome picture of him! China Cat & I love the new look of your blog!

    Purrrrrrrrrs, Willow

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