Sort of Thankful Thursday

img_6008aGemini thinks she is top cat again, here on the stairs. I think this little one is getting above her station. All because I wanted to take time to nap rather than run around trying to tell humans what to do–now there is a thankless job if I ever heard one!

With all the economic problems, I am quite glad I made the choice to nap. I realize that some may think that I am avoiding my own call to greatness, but we have to have balance in our lives. Imagine what I would have to do to try and fix all of these problems, with the rampant specism in this country.

My empty food dish and having to defend my bed would be the least of my problems!

Humans must wake up to the fact that this is their mess and they can’t expect us cats to coming running to their rescue just because they want us to.

Now having said that, I am quite thankful that I have a sun spot to nap in… even if Gemini is annoying me, as usual.


  1. That is such a great photo of you two!!

  2. I still think you should be President Chey…maybe President of the napping club?

  3. It’s all about balance. And napping. And stinky goodness. The yin yang yummy of life.

  4. You both look so peaceful in this picture. This picture does not appear to represent the problems with Gemini that you were talking about yesterday.

  5. Gemini does look quite bossy up there but that is what the humans need. Enjoy your sunny nap spot!

  6. You’ve just gotta put your paw down hard!

  7. Gemini, honey, you haf to realize that Meezers are ALWAYS top cats!! we is furry sorry about that, but that’s just the way it is!

  8. Pooh is grateful for sun spots to sit in, too. Since we haven’t seen the sun for nearly a week.

  9. Chey, It’s a travesty beyond all scope. That your floof-sister should dare to pounce you and eat your foods, and attempt to evict you from your rightful place-she’s practically a Hun!

    ‘Course, she does look kinda snuggly. And soft.

  10. I’ll bet Obama wishes he could be napping right now! He has a lot of hard things to work on.

  11. It looks as if you are both enjoying the sunspot. Gemini may be sitting higher than you, but you are sat in the front of the photo.

  12. At least Gemini is up so you both aren’t fighting over the same sun spot. I like your steps.

  13. We were so thankful to wake up to sunspots this morning. Its the simple things we need to remember during times like these.

  14. Chey – I have a corner of my gizzy quilt and a piece of science diet cat food that I am saving for you. Hugs from Pyewacket.

  15. Sometimes we have to share the Top Cat responsibilities…

  16. Well said Chey !!!!!!!!
    You deserve that nap!
    Purrs Mickey

  17. oh mai! yoo haz SO much ta do. I fink yoo do need dat naps dough. makes all prollems go byes!

  18. We’d be thankful if we had a warm sunny spot to nap in too…but we don’t!

  19. I think you are having a lot to deal with just now dear Chey, so a nice sun spot is, indeed, welcome. Global warming is giving all of us in the northern hemisphere a lot more snow and cold weather than usual. In fact only today I heard that here in the Yoo Kay we are having (and are likely to continue having) the coldest winter in 13 years! On the other paw, the antipodes are in for a humungous heatwave so let’s all send purrs and icy thoughts to our furriends Down Under. Purrsonally, I’d rather be here…

    I’m going to have to explain about Pinky’s visitor! Unfortunately s/he isn’t a permanent resident or staying guest:(

    Luvzya 🙂 xxx

  20. a sunny spot iz free an grate.
    hoo carez abowt da economy.
    let’z nap in peace!

  21. oh miss gemini yo look so gorjuss sittin in da sunbeams,do yoo needs a cuddlemate?

    yur boyfriendcat

  22. Who cares about the eekonemee when there is a nice sun spot?

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