Skeezix The Cat Is Sunday Guest Star!

skeezix_shades_final_500pxWell Skeezix the Cat got there early and guessed correctly. Actually he told me where he was with a grand air of authority and I knew absolutely that he was right.

Isn’t that the Puente Ondulante bridge near the Maldonado Brook north shore beach in Uruguay?

Kaika, Camie’s Kitties, and Jeter Harris all guessed correctly to. Since when do you all travel so much?!

Sabrina, Sam and Simon invited me here and so I went. As Gandalf and Grayson said,

What an unusual and beautiful bridge, Chey. Purrfectly suitable to compliment your fabulous beauty!

How could I not go?

And for those who were thinking like Ramses:

Chey you’re on a bridge and I think you’ve made it bow in the middle a bit dear…

*I* did not make it bow. It was bowed before I got there… nor am I doing the backstroke and I do not allow belly touches…


  1. Skeezix is the one!!!

  2. Skeezix rocks! We are not well traveled kitties.

  3. uraguay?
    how did they know that’s where that was?

  4. Wow, that Skeezix is smart to know where you were, as are those other kitties who guessed right. That Ramses is a bit cheeky though – must be a British thing.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  5. I would never have guessed where you were in a squllion years dear Chey! I’m glad you got home safely!

    Who is this Charlie Horse? Horses are nice (‘cepting the one who lent against me, pressing me against a wall, and then stood on my foot… Oh, and the pony who stopped dead at a jump so I fell off and landed up (er, down) under him and on another occasion chucked me off in the middle of a patch of stinging nettles… Oh, and the beautiful Arab stallion who… but that wasn’t his fault, I think he had a vision problem, poor boy!). My cousin H’s horse Wills is a perfect gentleman!

    Oy, you Gypsy and Tasha, we Brits are not cheeky, we are very polite and gentle. I’m coming over now to sort you out… Heh heh…

    🙂 xxx

  6. We’re impressed. We think we need Geography remedial classes. Tee hee!

  7. Iz u reeely wehrin dat or iz dats a made ups fotoh? dats furry goods doh u looks smashin!

    Katie Too

    purr esses… weze gotted our hundredth postie ups!!! cum by n cellybrate. n ifns dats a natural fotoh u kins enter it in our furry funny fotoh contest!
    Bootsie Woo

  8. Weze meenz is u acshully weahrin dat…. weze finks da background iz mades ups…?

  9. Yayyy for Skeezy. We would never have got that in a 100 years.

  10. Oh that Skeezy!!!!!!!!
    What a guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  11. Well, we wudda never guessed that one! Congratulations to Skeezix for getting it right and answering early!

  12. Wow, Skeezix looks like a Rock Star!

  13. I always say, mine Mummy should bwing me out to more pwaces! See, I’ve never ever seen any of the pwaces you showed us before!

  14. deer chey,
    thank u fer incloodin me in da correct gesserz.
    i hav to confess …
    i cut an pasted skeezy’z anser.
    i’m sorry.

  15. I am very proud of Skeezix for being so smart!

  16. Way to go Skeezix! Chey, that was what we thought would be a hard bridge to guess, but obviously our furriends are well traveled! It was fun driving over it again and again, our little cousins thought it was so much fun! Jeter cracked us up with his comment, he is such a funny dude, hee hee! Have a wonderful Sunday, furriend!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  17. That Skeezix, he’s smart and witty and a snappy dresser…I just think he’s the bee’s knees!

  18. Skeezix is pretty smart. I’m not too well traveled.

  19. Hooray for Skeezix! I never would have guessed where you were…

    Purrrrrrrrrrs, Willow

  20. Yay for Skeezy! He founded yoo!

  21. I think it’s funny that Jeter rimes with Cheeter!!! Har har! I think I mite have had the edje cuz I beelong to the Nashunul Geografik Society. I’m thinking of trying owt fur the Geograffy Bee this yeer insted of the Spellin Bee.

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