Gemini Becomes Part of the Cat Post Intelligencer Team!

img_5920aI like the new place, don’t you? It’s no longer JUST Chey’s place, it’s the Cat Post Intelligencer so I can write as often as Iwant. Well I’ll have to fight Chey for more press time but I can do it! I know I can!!!

I do not know what I want to write about. I like watching the squirrels and hiding and stuff. I am not much interested in commenting on life. I loves to snuggle Georgia even if it annoys her sometimes because I am in her face.

I like my flingamastring too. That is a very nice thing.

I will have to think about what I want to write. Is there anything you want me to write about your mysterious cat life? I could do exposes! Contact me here if you want me to do that!!!


  1. Great new look on the blog!

  2. we are glad that you will also be writing about stuff from your perspective.

  3. You can write about anything you like…if it’s your turn to write go for it! We like the idea of an expose or maybe a gossip column??

  4. Sometimes, let Chey do the blog is better,
    do you know why? Because only Chey has to think very tirely what to write,
    and you can keep relax until every Tuesday.
    But that is just what I thought.
    No matter what you write I love them all 🙂

  5. My dog brother Diamond farts when he is allowed tastes of ribs. Does that qualify as an expose? Nah, probably not. Dog farts are never breaking news.
    “Breaking” news, ahhhh HaHaHaHa! I crack me up…

  6. I am laughing at Parker’s comment about the farts … tee hee! My little bruvfur Alfie farts a lot too – Mom calls him “windy bum”! Hahahahaha!

    Whatever you write is OK by me though!

  7. I so DO NOT FART! Well, OK just now and again. But Mom said I will grow out of it – and not to worry. Sometimes I do it just to annoy Milo (but don’t tell him!)

  8. Gemini, I am so glad that you get to do some reporting, too. Maybe your first step should be to get a Steno pad so you can write ideas and notes as you get them.

  9. It seems you and I have much in common with our love of squirrel watching and the like. Luckily you’re not forced to suffer the indignity of wearing a onesie to stop you licking your belly bald… That’d give you something to moan/write about for sure! 😉

  10. All these things that you like Gemini, are very good things to write about. This place looks good – clean and modern, for you modern cats. Very smart.


  11. Concats on your repurrter status, Gemini!

  12. You’ll be a great reporter I’m sure. Chase likes similar things but finds plenty of things to write strongly about.

  13. Expose? Is that like gossip? An expose on Chey? We can’t wait! (Sorry Chey)

  14. I love the new design! However did you manage it? Did you design it yourself? It will be a great place for all the cats at your house to speak from! Gemini, I like all the things you like, too.

  15. Gemini-we don’t always know what to talk about either….good thing there are plenty of happenings in the blogosphere.

  16. Hi Gemini! We can’t wait to read your stories!

  17. Squirrels and hiding and stuff is fun. Why shouldn’t yoo write bout them?

  18. Very nice!

  19. We’re very happy that you will be able to report as well. The buns think it would be a great opportunity for you to explain the life of a tabby.

  20. Concatulations Gemini!

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