Gemini Airs Opinions on Global Warming

img_5957aI don’t understand this weather thing. I sit inside and sometimes it is sunny and nice and sometimes not so nice and sometimes there is white stuff on the ground. Momma often tries to get me outside then because she wants to watch me walk on it, but I am very smart. I do not go because I do not like to get my toes wet at all.

I don’t understand why Momma won’t ski. First there was no snow. Then there was too much snow. I would think that if they needed snow they would want more of it? But no. They closed the area she skis at because of too much snow–well at least the way in. And then they had rain and everything fell down. They even had a mudslide in one part of the ski area where she skis and it damaged the lodge there and a couple of cabins.

Then she went up last week but it was kind of icy and foggy and she met the Horse named Charley. I think she should have met Snap. Anyway the following Friday it was so warm they had to make snow (I wonder how they do that?) and so it wasn’t all that nice and now tomorrow she isn’t sure if she’ll go up because it will snow again and she is worried at the amounts that she might not be able to get home.

I hope she doesn’t go if she might not come right home! I don’t like being without my Momma!


  1. Gemini you are quite right; the weather is weird. It’s best to stay at home with dry fuzzy toes. Also, I would meow to support Chey’s idea for free premium cat food vouchers. Meow and Happy New Chinese Year.

  2. Oh dear, all this not enough and too much snow confuses us. Maybe it is a good job we don’t usually get any. We do get too much rain though. If there is too much snow and she can’t get home, maybe the horse called Charley will take her home.

  3. Skiing sounds hard!

  4. it’s all so ‘afusing. so ‘afusing that we needs to sleep on it. – Sammy and Miles
    and then DANCE. – Billy

  5. Snow is shy…when you want it you have to look away and then it comes…but if you want it and look…then you get rain and mud. I haven’t figured out exactly how it works yet, but that’s what I know. Oh yeah…and horses named Charlie aren’t very nice.

  6. Skiing sounds very complicated! I think she should just stay home and cuddle with you, Gemini.

  7. Well, all I know is we’re getting more snow and I am sick of it.


  8. Michico ski before,
    but it’s not easy for her.
    I hope the weather will be nicer at your place.

  9. Snap would have at least been fun in the snow. Horses run through it like big freight trains! The humans need to pick up the new boots and tuned up skis from the store. They were going to go skiing tomorrow but I think the ice storm will nix those plans. Winter is a hard season to deal with! Then they’re stupid and going up to Quebec next week to ski. Are they crazy??? Its like way below zero there.

  10. Skiing seems very, very complicated!

  11. Yea we wuds not like if the mom got stuck somewhere and didn’t feeds us. Sit on yer mom if she tries to go, that way she wont get up and leave.

  12. We’re tired of the snow too…we hope there will be no more snow…then your mom can’t go skiing and she’ll have to stay home with you!!

  13. I agree Gemini!! Snow is cold!!!
    It falls and stays,except when we get rain 😮
    Winter is stupid,I want Spring.
    I would hate to be without my Mom too!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  14. ick! I am so sorry that the weather is not being cooperative. We are still waiting for BIG SNOW here in PA

  15. I didn’t realize that you couldn’t ski if there was too much snow!

  16. We don’t like da snow either…well, Zippy doesn’t like it cuz she won’t go out and get her paws wet either and mom doesn’t like it cuz she has to push it around and get it off da sidewalks and driveway. And beans keep talking about global warming and yet it’s gets colder and colder here!

  17. gemini … dere iz nuthin wrong wid gettin yer feet wet.
    in fact … i kinda like it.
    jus sayin.

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