Find Chey Friday

lastjanAh what a lovely place to live. I am looking for a new house you know, since the White House thing didn’t work out. In fact, the new President is not even hiring me to be the White House Cat. He says my talents would be wasted there (and he is of course correct). However I’ve been house hunting for so long, I can’t recall where I am!

Where is this delightful little cottage?!



  1. It’s a russian winter palace, because a palace is better than the white house for you!

  2. Oh sorry, I was going to say “t’s a russian winter palace?” (with the question mark because I’m not sure)

  3. Hmmm… England? Don’t drink the water. Wait, no, that’s Mexico. Don’t eat the spotted dick. No telling how it got spotted.

  4. Oh, Chey, it’s PURRfect for you…. Château de Cheverny in France?

  5. Our guess is heaven because you have all those wonderful windows to sun in and look out of and watch the minions…err…we mean humans pass by.

  6. Really, we don’t know why we keep coming back! It’s humilating. ; )
    No idea as always….
    Sigh, Siena & Chilli

  7. Oops, was I spesifik enuf? The Château de Cheverny is Cheverny in the Loire Valley in France.

  8. we doesn’t haf any idea, as always, but you better run in there and poot up the place because it looks like other people are trying to buy it

  9. Are you in Paris??

  10. Our bean traveled the south of France and through the many chateaux of the Loire valley… but that was in 1973 and all her pictures are on “slides”… so she says she absolutely will not set up the projector and screen so we can look at them to “name” this… but we’re pretty sure it’s one of them!

  11. I have no idea and my mom hasn’t had enough coffee yet for her to be any help to me at all…

  12. Very beautiful. Looks like France or Brussels…

    Have a wonderful time Chey. This place looks great!

  13. Maggy and Zoey, our human did this in 1983 so your photos were probably very correct.

    SKEEZIX! You got it again!!! It is Cheverny!

  14. Skeezix, you’re my hero!

  15. Congrats to Skeezix!!!

  16. concats to Skeezix!

    helllloooo Miss Gemini!

    yur boyfriendcat

  17. Looks like a nice house Chey. Efun better than the Wite House!

  18. That is a nice, big place…..plenty of room for all of us to visit!

  19. Chey,what’s the address(now that Skeezy helped you out)?
    That would be a pawsome party palace!!!!
    Definitely would hold all of us cats!!! 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  20. Skeezix is smart!

  21. Well done again Skeezix. We didn’t have a clue where it was.

  22. Okay…we give up! We aren’t even gonna try to guess…we’re just gonna look a the purrty picture!

  23. I have no idea – as usual – it is a good thing Skeezix is so well travelled or we all would be lost!

  24. We had no idea where you were (as usual) until we read what the great and well-travelled Skeezix had to say. Don’t know about buying it – you’d need a few more staff that your current place. What about a quick ‘trash and run’ visit just for fun?


    Gypsy & Tasha

  25. Hi Chey! That looks like a regal place to live. We are guessing you are in England somewhere??

  26. Are you in England? Did I at least get the right country this time?

  27. Oops! As usual, I guessed before reading the comments. Wrong country again!!!

  28. deer chey …
    yer at da cheverny in da loire valley in france.
    am i rite?
    pee ess … i did it again … i copied skeez. har!

  29. We need to go butt heads with Skeezix! He must be the smartest cat ever!

  30. It is a very beautiful new home, Chey!

  31. A chateau in France would be purrfect for you!

  32. At least you got away from hanging about water.

  33. Sheesh, I wouldn’t have had a clue (as usual) so I bow to Skeezix!

    The kitteh’s boy must have walked miles to get news of her. He must really love her (who wouldn’t? She’s gorgeous!).

    I’m now off to confiscate all Max’s treats for saying there’s something wrong with spotted dick. Can’t say I like the stuff myself, but you know… Just saying! 🙂 xxx

  34. Quel jolie chateau, Chey! J’y suis venu il y a longtemps…

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