Find Chey Friday


Ah another good napping spot! I’m hoping to get a little sun on my pale pale belly.  But sometime I’m going to need to come home.  Can anyone tell me where I am so I can get there from here?

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  1. We have no idea where you are! Be careful…you look like you may tumble over that bridge to nowhere………………..

  2. Did you squish that Bridge? you look huge in comparison, so I guess you are in Lilliputtin land or something like that. Just hope the water is warmer there than it is here! Happy Weekend.

  3. We have no idea where it is but I’m betting it’s one of those fun bridges where you can sing one note as you go across, but it comes out like Bridge Over Troubled Water…

  4. Chey, I think you’re on a bridge connecting the Florida Keys.
    Have a good Friday!

  5. are you doing the backstroke?

  6. Isn’t that the Puente Ondulante bridge near the Maldonado Brook north shore beach in Uruguay?

  7. Yay, Skeeze!!! I think you got it! The Puente Ondulante near Maldonado Brook in Punta Del Este, Uruguay.

  8. We haven’t got a clue Chey, but be careful you don’t roll off!

  9. Drat, Skeezy beat us too it. We snuck on the computer while mom is away just to help find you.

    Congratulations to Skeezy.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  10. Chey you’re on a bridge and I think you’ve made it bow in the middle a bit dear… 😉

  11. Oh dear! That bridge looks a little soft in the center!

  12. looks like it’d be a better sliding spot 🙂 Hope you and your bean will stop by the book signing this weekend!

    And hope your bean got rid of the charlie horse. those can really hurt!

  13. Very good Skeezix! You are quite well traveled aren’t you?!

  14. Well we would never ever have guessed that! As long as its warm there I’ll be there in a moment to join you!

  15. That is a very funny looking bridge. Mom has resigned herself to the fact that she is never gonna find you. 🙁


  16. Skeezix is smart!

  17. Oh no! We was going to cheat and read the answer and then pretend we knew … but nobody knows for sure either. We think we’ve been taught a valuable lesson: cheats don’t prosper. So we’re sorry we were going to cheat! Le sigh!

  18. I have no idea where you are but you don’t look very comfortable either – you should get a box like mine!!

  19. No, no idea – again!

  20. What an unusual and beautiful bridge, Chey. Purrfectly suitable to compliment your fabulous beauty!

  21. My goodness! We would have never guessed that in a million years!! Just don’t roll off Chey!!!

  22. Well, Chey…you are on a bridge, that’s certain…but it’s not the bridge to our island! We don’t know where that bridge goes to!

  23. Chey, I don’t know where the heck you are, but it does look like a cool bridge!

  24. Oh hahahaha looks like China or something… cool bridge.
    Be careful Chey, that is water below yikes!!

  25. be furry karefell chey don’t fall off dat bridge!

    helllllllllllllllllllooooo miss gemini

    yur boyfriendcat

  26. Hey be careful! Don’t fall into the water!

  27. Chey, are you really comfortable on that bridge? You do not look it!!!!
    It is also way,way to close to the water!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  28. Yer on a bridge – DUHR!

  29. be careful of beans coming by wanting ta skratch yur belly.

  30. Um…wherever you are, you might want to flip over soon. You might bonk your head on something when you hit the water, and I think that would sting a bit. Plus, you might miss seeing a tasty, tasty fish, and that would just be sad.

  31. We never know where you are, but we can tell that it isn’t the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Does that help? 🙂

    Waving at you from warm Canberra. 🙂

  32. izzen’t dat da puente ondulante bridge neer da maldonado brook north shore beach in uruguay?

    way-da-minit … skeezy musta been reedin mi mind … duhr!
    iz dat ware u ar chey?

    harharhar! i hav never been owtta da grate state uv noo york!!!! i wuz jus copyin skeez!

  33. Oh we missed guessing because I was sick, well, sorta sick.
    We will try again next week.
    ~ Napoleon

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