Find Chey Friday

jan6So now where I have gone. I hope the ship is not sinking too deeply! I could be in trouble. Should I wait it out or leap for it?!

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  1. Chey, after your adventure with the Titanic, haven’t you learned your lesson about hanging out in the presence of a sinking boat? Where’s your life jacket?…and whatever you do, don’t drink the water on the sidewalk! I have no idea where you are.

  2. Looks like Grand Forks but I doubt that’s it.

    Are you gonna hurl? I think that’s the position for hurling over the side of a boat. I’m pretty sure I would hurl if I was in that little boat.

  3. Silly Chey!
    Your in a boat!
    No mystery.. and only a part of a boat at that…
    Be careful, The brats like to play in the bathtub water, but boats usually are in big water..

    hugs and scritches..
    Pet and Da Brats

  4. Oah Wowww…Chey~!
    You are in an art piece and you are an art, too~!
    This work is even better than ever~!
    Watch out~! We don’t like water a lot,
    don’t fall out!

  5. Knoxville, TN … ? (If we’re right, we cheated.) 🙂

  6. Hmmm, we have no idea where you are. It looks fun!

  7. Thank you for visiting me and ‘yes’ I am feeling alot better now. It looks as though your boat as already sunk!! lol Karmen & Judith

  8. Vampy Vic says:

    No idea Chey but it looks like you want out 🙁


  9. I think Lux is right … it is in front of the Law Offices of Pryor, Flynn, Priest & Harber in Knoxville, TN. It is called “The Oarsman.”

  10. Chey, how can you be out in the rain? Your furs will get wet 😮
    I giggled at Lux’s answer!! Cheating is OK Lux,heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  11. We read ‘Kaika’s comment… Of course it’s in front a law office! Where else would a lawyer be if not chasing ambulances or sinking ships.

  12. I can’t figure out how everybuddy is so smart about figuring these things out! I have no clue. Rats!

  13. Once again we’ve no idea where you are. But would you mind stopping at that SunTrust bank please and sending us some green papers? Thank you very much.

  14. We are clueless also. We must get a life and get out and see more of the world!

  15. we are with Daisy – we usually has no clue where you is. ever. but please take some dramamine the next time you sail – we doesn’t want you barfing over the side of the boat again

  16. Luxor and Kaika have it right! Good going–I don’t care if you figure out how to cheat!

  17. We’re still in Daisy’s boat…..haha.

  18. Me and Daisy are in the same sinking boat…

  19. We cheated too and googled Oarsman so we know Lux and ‘Kaika are right.

  20. I thought about googling but the answer was already here!!! Really, you should be careful around boats, Chey!

    Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  21. It looks like, from the background, that the boat you are in really is being put to use.

  22. Don’t rock that boat, Chey!

    Once again, we don’t have a clue where you are….

  23. Chey,
    Dis looks likes my old hometown of Oh-limp=pe-ah Washinton. Dere are sevfural statchooz around.. but we couldz not tell ‘cuz we can’t biggify da pic. I know frum livfin in dat rain city dats you has to haz a boat to gets around in da winter time. It rainz when da sun iz shinin’ elsewhere. No wonder whn I tinks abouts my old home I gets da urge to pee.
    -Dr Tweety

  24. Okeedokee. Can I guess anudder time? It could be Corvallis Orry-gone, or it couldz evfun be Salem Orry-gone. If I guessez three timez, do I gets recognized in triplet?

  25. Yes it is a piece of art call ‘The Oarsman’ in Knoxville, TN. Mum found a slightly different view on another blog.

  26. I would not have guessed this but it is super cool. Chey you are very brave to sit in a boat like that!!

    happy Week-end to you and your sisters 🙂 <3

  27. chey,
    that is a neat aboat! We wouldnt want to be in it though since we hate water!

  28. I found you! Though it was very hard; your colors almost blend right in!

    Country Cats

  29. mamacat & the furrypurries says:

    We never know where you are, Chey, but we’re glad to know you’re not in Orting or Fife or any of those places.
    MamaCat, Ozzy, Alice, Bootsie, Freckles, Lola, Dandelo & baby Honey

  30. I wouldn’t have known where you were, Chey, but that’s a cool statue. You do look like you are getting ready to hurl over the side of the boat.

  31. hey chey … convince ‘kaika to start bloggin.
    thankz fer yer advice abowt comin in evree now an again.
    i do.

  32. Well now that I know where you are, I forgot to mention that it looks like you have taken on a new job as a coxswain, although you might want to face the other way!

  33. Chey, as usual we were stumped, but that sure is a cool sculpture! And at least you don’t have to worry about water on this adventure! Hee hee! We hope all of you have a great Saturday!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  34. Chey, yoo gets losted more than anycat I knows. Yoo pore fing.

  35. We have no id ea where you are but now the song row row row your boat is stuck in our head……..

  36. We have no idea where you are Chey, but we think you needs to get a paddle and help out, that boat seems to be sinking.

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