Cheysuli Shares Why Ignore is her Favorite Word

img_5908aMy Meezer Rule for today is:

Let the other Cats think you are listening and then ignore them…

Ignore really is my favorite word. I’m good at it. Also it sounds so fun as it rolls off the tongue. Try it. You need just the right yowl for it you know.

As far as doing the ignoring, I’m also good at that. It makes you seem really important. It allows you to get others to beg for your attention. It makes you important. Consider all the famous cats who would no doubt be less famous if they didn’t practice ignore?

Now, let’s all go out and ignore someone important today!


  1. I like doing ignore as well.
    I am listening, but I am ingnoring, pretending not listening so Michico can’t realize I listened it or not~! And it always work, she doesn’t blame me doing the thing she doesn’t wish me to do. Because everytime she makes the rules to me, I always ignore!

  2. Yes I too like the word ignore… I shall ignore Mummy and the onesie, though I shall give my nip some really good one on one attention! 😉

  3. We’ve purrfected ignore too!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. I have such a hard time with ignore…I can last about 3 seconds…and then I cave. I must work on it.

  5. I like that idea!! lol

  6. I mostly like to ignore whatever my Mommie has to say. Especially when she says “NO NO!”

  7. But ifs you ignore you don’t get petted!


  8. As long as you don’t ignore us Chey, we won’t mind!

  9. dat comment was from us but Mom was incompetant wiv da typing.

  10. Igoring is so much fun! We like to practice it alot!

  11. Oh Miss Gemini
    I cood nefur ignore yoo……..

    yur boyfriendcat

  12. Good lesson. But when I try to ignore Maggie she pounces me. Maybe I need to work on it some more.

  13. Ignoring any cat or human in this house results in a) being pounced on by Gerry and b) getting your paws tickled by apes.

    We have just ignored the Prime Minister on the TV though – he’s easy to ignore as he’s so boring zzzzzz

    Whicky Wuudler

  14. I love to ignore. Pathetic Kaze wiggles when I lie on her head….humans who try to push me from their laps….ignoring is the best.

  15. Ignore is my middle name.. well besides Hussein………….


  16. I am writing this response for Mickey as he is ignoring you right now.
    Later I just might ignore him!!!
    Mickey’s Mom

  17. Okay, but I am no good at ignoring my mom, or dad, or food. So what do I do?


  18. Chey, you do ignore very well!

  19. I tried, I really did, but I just can’t ignore my mum. If I can’t see her I have to look for her.

  20. Oh I love ignoring. I do it every day, unless I am napping, which is also ignoring but then I am napping….


  21. Hahaha, Chey you are funny! Ignore is a good word, the cats use it often to “ignore” us when they know they are doing something bad, they don’t want to listen. BTW, WE LOVE the new blog look! Your new design looks amazing.

  22. I’m pretty good at ignoring my mom sometimes. Dad, never!

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