Cheysuli on Edge of Eviction

img_5928aAfter nearly starving to death with my mostly empty food bowl, now I worry that I will be evicted from my bed.  Yes that’s right. That’s how horrible things are.

Gemini has been pouncing upon me mercilessly.  I think young puffy cats should be prevented from wreaking havoc upon the household.  Every cat should be worried. After all, how many of you have younger cats? How many of you are driven from your beds by them?

It’s a tragedy that this has been allowed to go on unchecked, with humans laughing it away as if it were nothing.


  1. “with humans laughing it away as if it were nothing” ~ LOL says Mo
    “with humans laughing it away as if it were nothing” ~ Amen says Daphne, what’s up with that, my friend?

    Bwahahahahaaaaaaaa! says bed stealing interloper Little Isis, first the bed, next the WORLD!!!

  2. So sorry, I don’t know how that feels because it’s just me and mom in the house!

  3. Chey, not to belittle your concerns, but that is a lovely picture of you!

    Gemini, stop that! 😉

  4. Gemini…hmmm…I actually am a younger cat, but I’m usually more respectful of my elders. We do find our Ginger very hard to resist since she is such a drama queen and we all drive her from whatever she is doing, just because it’s fun. Maybe Gemini just wants your way cool bed?

  5. I dunno what to do about younger kitties. I mean, if you lay the smackdown on them you get in trouble. If you do nothing, you get walked all over. If you try to sell them on eBay, people get upset. Older kitties just can’t win!

  6. They’re just too wude! Too much!!!

  7. Oh no that is not good at all. You will have to show him who is boss.

  8. Luckily we don’t have younger cats here and we both share our beds, so we haven’t come across that problem. Maybe a good whap when no one is watching will do the trick?

  9. Chey, we have several beds which we both choose not to use! Do you think we have been evicted by an invisible Gemini?

  10. Chey, feel free to come visit me and use our beds! Not only do we have the super cool nip lounge (strategically placed in front of the heatbox), but mommy also allows us to use her bed, the couch, the loveseat, and all of the chairs as our beds as well.

  11. Milo: Chey, I so understand! Alfie can be a complete pain in the bum!

    Alfie: Actually I fink da BIG bruvvers are the bossy boots!

  12. I get thrown out of my tent by a bouncy orange cat. i hate him sometimes – Miles

  13. Oh Chey! You have to stand your ground. That happens a lot here, they fight over the red chair.

  14. Greetings Chey, as I type here Pierro is in my cuppie bed…. he eats my foods, he uses my box he plays with my toys. Kittens = spoiled brats
    Scream really loud. it is very cleansing

  15. Hmmm, I wonder how you can convince the beans of the seriousness of this matter. Maybe you should take over their bed when your bed gets taken away.


  16. Such conditions are nearly intolerable, Chey! How do you stand living there?

    As you know I have 3 younger siblings myself and completely understand what you mean about trying to maintain peace and quiet around here!


  17. Chey, I feel your pain! Every time I am relaxing somewhere, Harley jumps on me and wants to wrestle. There is no relaxing in my home any more.

  18. Fight back! Don’t let her evict you!

  19. Such abuse…. Nubi does that very thing to me even though i have seniority. I feel your pain.

  20. Chey…those youngsters just don’t respect their elders…and the beans just perpetuate the problem…


  21. Oh Chey, we know exactly what you mean. At the Cat Realm some new youngsters arrived recently, and here in Holland … well you know… I am 10 years and five cats here are younger than me.

  22. Oh Chey, I never knew you had it so bad! Be strong.

  23. Oh no chey! I used ta kick tesla outta her bed alla tim…

  24. First ,let me say that is a lovely picture of you!!!!!!!
    Second,Tillie & Georgia are two little pains in the butt!!!!
    They want to chase me and whap me when I walk by!!!
    I have been driven off the porch by them!!!!!!!
    Little sisfurs…humpffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  25. I wish I could help but I think I might be a tad like Gemini. I’m rather merciless when I want a bed….You are looking spectacularly lovely my dear. We couldn’t blog ALL DAY since there was no power to the computers at Meowmy’s work. She was very very very very bored.

  26. First, your winsome expression is very becoming. Second, I really have nothing to say about that empty food dish except if it happens again, I’ll send Bendrix if you want. This type of thing is inexcusable.

    As for the sibling thing, I can’t help you…at least not for 6 months, but I will NOT share MY bed.

  27. hehehehehe that is why I love being an only cat!!!!

  28. deer chey
    u know mi perspectiv on young catz.
    it’z jus da orinje onez named joba dat i hav trubbel wid.
    matsui wuz ok.
    an … da wednesday werd wuz “grrrrr.”
    da end.

  29. I completely agree. I’ve been chased from so many great napping spots it’s just silly.

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