Cheysuli Languishes Beside Empty Food Dish

img_5992aA sign of the times, here I am wasting away near my empty food dish. How many other cats are suffering in this economy? Even Microsoft laid off nearly 1400 people (almost 900 of them in the Seattle area). We need assistance now.

The new President needs to get some things passed. We need incentives for people to continue buying their cats premium cat food. How about cat food vouchers for good cat food? How about a nationwide veterinary health plan? We need people to build stroller lanes for cats out walking. This would mean more jobs for those building the infrastructure. And how about rebuilding, retooling, refitting and just redoing many of our shelters? They can all be solar and wind power and thundering herd of elephant powered buildings!


Editor’s note: Cheysuli please note that that semi empty dish is really only your extra water dish upstairs and not a food dish and make changes appropriately. CHEYSULI!


  1. I think cats should get spring water. and premium made in usa catnip mice to dunk.

  2. a half empty dish might as well be entirely empty.

  3. I am 100% behind all the reforms you mentioned, Chey.
    If you need food, come by and feast with us. I find it horrible that you are suffering so.

  4. OK you got our sympathy vote! Hahahahahha!

  5. Oh Chey, if you aren’t running for President, at least you could be Secre-cat-tary of State?

  6. Oh poor Chey starfin to deaf!!! We can send yoo sum kibbles. Not too many tho in case we starves.

  7. Oh dear! I think you weawwy should be pwesident Chey! Cos you know of all the important things that need to be done!

  8. An empty dish is an empty dish. The fact that the former contents of said dish may or may not have been food is irrelevant!

    You have many fine ideas, Chey. Too bad you didn’t get elected but you can always hope for a cabinet position with whomever gets elected Cat President of the World.


  9. You have so many good ideas Chey that the President really does need to organise a meeting with you.

  10. Oh, I am FOR building stroller lanes. Definitely!

  11. Oh no – did your dad get laid-off? I hope not! It is not fun ;-(

  12. Hahaha, the editor’s not egave you away, Chey! But we would support your suggestions anyway!

  13. Yep, times are tough…..we know Meowm is worried.

  14. Oh my, you poor thing! It’s a sad day when a kitty has to go without the food bowl being full. The Meowers of Death are secretly staging a protest in favor of me leaving 20 full bowls of food out every day so they don’t have to move more than 3 feet before they find a full bowl of food. I’m hoping we can reach a compromise.

  15. Ugh you just reminded me that WE ARE OUT OF CAT FOOD. And Meowmy is not resloving this great problem as quickly as I would like.

  16. An incentive would be nice … we need new toys!

  17. We’re not experiencing any crisis. We get imported food (and even litter) and spring water (or else our fountain suffers from calcification due to hard water). But if we can help the humans with some crises by eating more we’re all for it.

  18. That’s just not right….

  19. Oh Chey…we feel so sorry for you…

  20. empty food dishes are soo annoying!

  21. Chey, you look positively gaunt in that picture! There should never be an empty food dish EVER!

  22. Isn’t ranting fun?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Especially when we hear that Citigroup gets $45 billion bailout money and buys a fancy,tricked out plane for $50 million!!!!
    They should finance America’s cats!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  23. not an empty food bowl…NO NO NO Miss Gemini I will be rite ofur wif foods I can’t stand da thought of yoo wifout…I’ll bring treats too.

    purrs and hugs
    yur boyfriendcat

  24. A likely storee mommeh. We all nos dat EFFUREE dish can be FUD dish, an where iz hims extra FUD dish upstairs? Hmmmmmmmmmm? I fink i shud haz fud dish in EFFUREE ROOM!

  25. *gasp*!!! an empty dish! That is so wrong! This is why we need a strong leader to sort out the cat world!

    Thank you for visiting me on my blogoversary!

  26. Are you sure you aren’t still running for office?

  27. Chey did you faint with hunger because your food dish was empty?

  28. Gee, and mom thought he was really moving pretty quickly, too. Especially telling Rush off. 🙂


  29. Chey, we can relate to empty food dishes … or should we say empty food containers! Our Momma was going to stop and get us food tonight, and she FORGOT! The audacity of her! It served her right, she had to go back out in the snow to get it … hee hee! We totally agree with your ideas on what our new president should do for us kitties, after all, cats rule!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  30. Well, I don’t like to think about you having an empty dish ever! I certainly would not like that at all!

  31. Chey, a little exaggeration never hurt anyone.

    Mom wishes that I would empty my food dish, but I’m not there yet. Thanks for your well wishes.


  32. Here I was, all ready to commiserate over your empty dish. A kitty’s dish should NEVER be enmpty!! However, all is well and I am glad you are not at dire straits.

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