Cheysuli Gets New Blog Look!!!

img_5824aWell how do you like my new digs?

As you can see by the new title, I am becoming a pundit. I’ll have my own magazine to write whatever I want to write whenever I want to write. After all I know how much you all love my opinions.

In keeping with the occasional political nature of this blog, I’d like to state why I am becoming a pundit. As many people who love the REAL liberal media (like Thom Hartmann, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz and Keith Olbermann) the mainstream media is corporate owned and reports what the corporate media wants. It doesn’t have a particular political agenda, except whatever agenda allows it to make the most money in the quickest way possible. As President-elect Obama has said, change comes from us and we all need to work together to make real change.

Our venue will be with the press. Well, you know sort of. We really enjoyed the political run from a media standpoint and poking fun at the way reporters covered things. Our post, We’ll Raise you a Poot had less to do with poking fun at Hillary Clinton than it did with poking fun at the media coverage of her tears and then winning the New Hampshire primary. We read here. We love to read. The Woman studied journalism before deciding she was just so shy and not nearly pushy enough to get the story. Probably the most fortunate thing she did as now she wouldn’t kill a story to save a job. The way the news works now, she’d be chronically unemployed.

Therefore, I vow to tell the story like it is and really like it is. I will not mince words. I will bring you all the news that’s fit for a litter box and  none of it fit to print. Now and then you might find those little gems of truth buried under the other stuff…

Oh and as a note, we have noticed that Askimet is rather random on what it perceives as spam. Sometimes if your comment doesn’t show up, it’s being held and asking us if it’s spam. Sigh. We’re sorry.


  1. We love the new look of the blog! 2 out of 2 buns demand Chey Tocks!

  2. Yup, cool new look!!
    We look forward to the new content too.
    We also like to read and we look forward to
    “those little gems of truth buried under the other stuff…: 😉
    Especially the “other stuff” heeheehee
    Purrs Mickey

  3. Chey… u iz soh calms… how you do dat??

    Iz needs me mawmee fix furst.

    Katie Too

  4. WOWY – looks great!

  5. I really like your new template and I am looking forward to your new content. I am sure you will find some really nice nuggets. Just one more farewell post, I hope, then I will get back to writing fun limericks. I am really looking forward to that. I am also really glad that the Aunt Bee farewell was for a cat. My heart skipped a beat when I first saw the words “Aunt Bee” on the Cat Blogosphere.

  6. We think you will be an ACE reporter Chey – you’ve got what it takes: attitude, stubborness, daring, literary skills and the ability to say it how it is. We cn’t wait to read it! And we love your new bloggie style.

  7. We think this is great!

  8. Independent cat news…unfiltered and uncensored, right? We will be loyal readers!

  9. we cannot wait to read your articles!!

  10. Your new look is fabulouso…wow….. amazing work.

    We love that you will be covering this administration…perhaps Obama will nmae you the Poose Press secretary? There will be so much to write about next week. Donatella wants you to come for a fitting this week and Oprah has a special suite reserved just for you and anyone you would like to bring. (Would you like Nubi back as a body guard? I think i can send a ham each week to pay for that….)

    Will you be sitting near Helen Thomas in the press room?

  11. It looks grate Chey! We has a noo look today too. A’course Pepi gets to post first wif it cuz it’s mancat monday. pooey on dat. I speshully loves the pikshur on the top thingy of yoo on the left. Purrfect. hehehe

  12. I love the new look! I can’t wait to read what you’ll be commenting about. I love the idea!

  13. Love the new look!

  14. I’ll be sure to pass along any press releases that you may want to comment on. We’ll need to get you some press passes, too.

  15. Purrageous Pirates says:

    Very cool new look! We likes it a lot!!

  16. Your blog looks great! Not only will us cats read it…I think even mommy will come here to get the “real scoop” on things.

  17. I love the new look. We’re very excited to see what’s to come in the future. (My Dad also studied journalism, but after about three years switched careers — it was making him cynical.)

  18. I like your new title, too!

  19. We love love love yer new look! The mom really has to learn to jazz our blog up too – ::whispers:: she’s gettin lazy!

  20. Very nice design, purrrfect title

  21. It looks great Chey, fresh and uncluttered.

  22. Oooo, shiny!

  23. PS Does Gemini still get to post? Tabbies rule!

  24. Looks gratttttteeee like Tony da tiger says!

    Miss Gemini I wood nefur rebuke YOO! Ya knoos how sensitive Abby is…

    yur boyfriendcat

  25. We likes the new looks! And we can’t wait to hear it like it is!!!

  26. Mum read that the Seattle Post Intelligencer is going under. Are you taking over?

  27. I love the new look and look forward to hearing what you have to say.

  28. This looks so smart Chey. We can’t wait to hear all your opinions.

  29. We love interesting reading, can’t wait.

    Mindy, Moe, Bono

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