Tabby Tuesday Thank You

We want to thank our Secret Paw Angus Mhor for the lovely gifts. We hope our paw is as thrilled with our gifts as we were with his. It was hard to get Cheysuli away from the feathers.

I am looking foward to that good food. Georgia is a bit unfocused lately. It is hard to get her attention, as you can see–there is Chey all hyper with the feathers and Georgia is in the background not even noticing.

Yes, I am Momma used PSE to put me in the photo. She couldn’t get one with both me and Cheysuli in it and Chey looked more interested. I mean she opened this in the middle of my nap!  What was she thinking.

We have been all over the little mousie and the ball while they are under the treat–and the treat tin.

Momma got some earrings that don’t show up in this photo very well but we have one that she took holding them up to Chey’s ear. They are cute little snow men and she will probably wear them to work tomorrow.


  1. Feather dusters are brilliant! You look like you’re having a balst. And the earrings sound amazing too.

    Merry Christmas Chey and may you and the beans have a wonderful holiday. Meow from Malaysia!

  2. How wonderful. Angus has great prezzie picker-outer skills!

  3. Wow, great package you got there. That will distract you easily from doing something naughty until Santa comes! Lucky you!



    That’s a great bunch of gifts! Too bad about opening them during your nap. Humans have NO patience!

    Thanks for your purrs! I’m all better now, and Dr Tara called and said all my bloods and pees are perfection!


  5. How awesome, you look like you are really loving your presents!

  6. Meowy christmas to everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday, full of feathers, and food, and toys and naps for the humans. 🙂

  7. Wow! That’s alot of loot there! You’re gonna have so much fun!! Enjoy!

  8. I think Christmas came early for some lucky cats……… the rest of us have to wait until Thursday!!! I don´t have any pets but I always get my cousin´s dog a toy to play with. It´s great to see all the dogs and cats out and about over Christmas time with their new toys!! Have a purrrfect Chrismtas!!


  9. OOOO how wonderful, isn’t SP the bestest efur?

    Hellllllllooooo my booteefull Miss Gemini

    your boyfriendcat

  10. That’s a fabulous assortment of presents! I think one of my favorite things about the holidays is seeing the presents everyone gets.

  11. Holy cats! What a great Secret Paw gift box yoo gotted!!! Feavers and stinky goodness oh my

  12. What lovely gifts. Secret Paws is such fun. We are impressed that you got to open your parcel on the bed. We had to make do with the floor. Maybe you could put a little toy or a fevver under Georgia’s nose so she noticies it? Old cats do day dream lots.

    Whicky Wuudler

  13. That is a splendid package you got from Angus. The fev-vers look a lot of fun.

  14. Feathers!!!!
    What a nice Secret Paws gift.

    ~ Little Fella and The Bunch

  15. ::drool:: dat’s a great pakaje! Is dat food we see, wow! Fev-vers, toys, food, treats…awesome.

  16. Oh I like those fev-vers! I know you won’t share with me though so its OK.

  17. Lots of good toys to play with, have fun.

  18. Those are some awesome feathers! Akshully, we a re a little bit surprised that Angus did not send you an Evil Squirrel, too.

  19. Booya!!!!!!!!!!! That is a mighty fine secret paws!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  20. What great gifts from Angus!

    Thanks, you guys, for visiting me (we’re sorry the tale is sort of sad).

    Happy Holidays!

  21. LC and Ayla says:

    Hey wait, your saying we DONT haf ta wait fer ChrissyMouse day?

  22. That looks like a great bunch of presents from your Secret Paw! Too bad your mom couldn’t get both of you together enjoying them.

  23. happy poosemas!’

  24. I’m so glad you liked your presents, Chey and Gemini. I had a hard time lettin’em go, I tell ya! They were so INTERESTING and fun to play with! Merry Christmas!

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