Tabby Tuesday and Tongue Tuesday

Sometimes it is fun to wash your paw upside down.

It is especially good if it is cold and you are in the sun.


  1. I also like grooming under the sun light as well.
    Warm and comfy…and clean, too!
    You look very happy!!!

  2. You got that right, Gemini! 🙂

  3. Oh man there’s nothing like a bath in a nice big sun spot!

  4. Ah, sunshines and baths… Those are hard to beat!

  5. Gemini, I’d say that’s a perfect way to hang out on a sunny day!

  6. HANSEL wat yoo doin offur dere?! YOO git yoor furry floofy butt back home afore mommeh gits home frum werk yoo hears meh?! -tes

    But… but… i iz right here sisfur… -hans

  7. being upside down is fun! hee hee

  8. I only wish we had more sun. But then, I never cared to sleep in the sun because being black, it gets very hot.

  9. Gemini,that’s a great way to keep bath time interesting!! Do it upside down 🙂 The sun is definitely the place to do it too!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  10. Great view of your tongue Gemini! Enjoy the sun patch!

  11. I luv sleepin’ in the sun! But I never tried takin’ a baf upsidedown afore.

  12. Some times you have to spend all day making your ‘sis small right again… *sigh* It’s a hard job you know!

  13. Oh Miss Gemini yoo look soooooooosooooosoooo booteefull in da sunbeams…wooweeeeeeeeeeeeee

    your boyfriendcat

  14. Heehee! We luf that pic-shur!!! Momma’s cat-that-came-before Tinkerbell used ta do that, AND you look just like her.
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  15. Hey, Gemini…you’re giving your tongue a real workout there!!

  16. Ahhh sunbaths!! We have not seen the sun in like 3 days now! :p

  17. Hey Guyz!

    We all likez to lie in da sunnee spotz too! In winturtyme weez like ta sitz in furront of da gas fire da best.
    You gotz a nice helthy pink tongue dere, Gemini.


    The Hyggecats

  18. Oh, I love to do stuff upside-down, too! Everything looks funny that way.

  19. I couldn’t agree more Gemini! Upside down has the added bonus of making the humans giggle too!

    Whicky Wuudler

  20. Well! I shall have to twy that one day!

  21. I loves upside downs!


  22. That’s taking paw cleaning up a notch! And bonus points for being in the sunspot.

  23. Sun, Sun? Did someone mention sun? Oh, how I long to see the sun.


  24. Beautiful! You are so right on that!

  25. I have not tried this, I will have to in the future.

  26. Gemini, yOu are so floofy and pretty.

    I liked the previous bloggie about Simone. What a sweet memory

  27. Oh, Mom’s saying SQUEE SQUEE SQUEE!!! You look so adorabble washin yur paw inna sunnyshines!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  28. Awww what a sweet picture! I wanted to send a belated thank you for the lovely purthday messages you sented me!

  29. Oh wow – what a sun spot!

  30. Yoo has sun? It snowed today which means we all napped fer most of it.

  31. It’s like taking a warm bath in the sun. We are getting snow dumped on us!

  32. And I thought I had a lot of floof!!!

  33. I know what it’s like to have so much to groom and wash! Lovely spot you found yourself there. Purrs, Siena

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