Tabby Tuesday

Oh we got a new toy for Chrissymouse and it is a flingamastring and Momma turns it on and I pounce a lot. Mostly I catch it but this time I did not but it is the only photo she got of me pouncing! I think I move so fast that she can’t get a good photo!

I like my toy. Cheysuli doesn’t interrupt me when I am pouncing at it either!

Now to look back at our blogging history, Momma wrote about me for over six months before she started letting me blog myself. My blog was around first but I didn’t get to post until April 9. That was a very long time. Momma wrote about me a lot from August 2005 until then, several times a week. She talked about all the fun things I did.

I also got to look back at when I started meeting all the other cats I met. Socks, Abby and Blackie were some of our first regular visitors. They don’t blog too much any more. Then I found some comments by the Meezers! They were some of the first cats we met after Kukka-Maria. She also visited me several times. Fat Eric was also an early visitor!

In July of 2007 Momma got tired of doing both blogs so she made Cheysuli and I share. We got to use Chey’s blog because it was linked to the site she had created for products for Siamese cat lovers. So I only really get Tuesdays and sometimes Thursdays…. By that time we were getting a fair number of visitors on both blogs, but I think I was always the more popular cat. I am ever so much nicer than Cheysuli.

It was very windy last night and we lost cable AGAIN!


  1. We like you and Chey. Chey is the more outspoken and adventurous one and you are charming.

  2. Oh, we could never, ever choose between you… we love you both! Of course you DO look a great deal like Mom’s office kitty Feather!

  3. We love you both!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You’re both wonderful!
    And so is Georgia!

  5. We always wonder how cat families can manage more than one blog. It seems hard!

  6. We’re not gonna choose between you two! We love you both!

    No cable!! OMC!!! What do you do when that happens??!?

  7. You are both utterly gorjuss!

    No cable? OMC! How dreadful is that?

  8. Mama looked at the flingamastring, but did not send away any green papers for it. We think that she should do that right away.

  9. You are all lovely in your different ways.You are so sweet with all your floofiness. Chey is so clever and well travelled and Georgia reminds us of the old lady ways of our dear Kitty Yumbum who we still miss so much.

  10. It is hard sharing a blog, but we don’t think we could manage much more than one…although if our mom wants one she’ll have to get her own. We think you all might get too tired if you had to blog all the time so taking turns is actually good for you…and Chey needs to recover from jet lag now and then.

  11. Well, you should demand your own bwog back! Mine, I hope mine Mummy will never think about getting me and That Thing to share a bwog! I will never agwee! What a fun toy you had!

  12. We share a blog but sumtimes we wished we hads our own. The mom saw the flingamastring and was s’pose to order us one, but hasn’t yet! Perhaps, she will do this now!

  13. You are both lovely and very popular kitties. If the blogs weren’t combined your mommy would be on the computer all day!

  14. pounce!!!!! we ‘member when you first started blogging!!! and you are ever so nice!!!!

  15. Excuse me Gemini…you are very fun and such but Chey is spectacular! We’re so glad we know you. Oh, and Kaze wants that string fling thing.

  16. Hope you had a nice Christmas. With there being two you have to share with the blogging time. That is only fair.
    Wishing you the best for the New Year 2009!

  17. Mom said that she got us a fling-ama-string for Christmas, but it hasn’t come yet. We are hoping it will get here any day.

    As for choosing between you and Chey, we couldn’t do that. We like you both.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  18. It’s just easier to keep track of kitties in the same family when they share a blog. That doesn’t mean I’m EVER gonna share mine with Buddah! Oh HECK no!

    I think he would really like that toy…maybe for his birthday!

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