Tabby Tuesday

I was ever so disappointed. Someone suggested that Chey would be the new junior senator from New York except that she isn’t. I was hoping that she would move out and I could play with my toys again.

Momma spent all weekend with Daddy and they built in a closet system with shelves and stuff. They still have two more upper shelves to build above the bar but it’s mostly done. I am terribly disappointed that Momma is not storing the big heavy blankets on the floor for me. I wish she would. Soon they will finish the back closet that they have been working on. I doubt Momma will be storing stuff on the floor for me there either.


  1. O dear, Gemini. Do you think your Momma *knows you want those big heavy blankies to snuggle into? Perhaps you could gently give her a hint or two. 🙂

  2. I think you mommy will figure out your needs eventually~!!!
    Don’t worry about that, ok?

  3. Hi Gemini, we think that with the extra shelves, there are just more hidey holes for you to play in.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  4. oh poor Gemini. So much disappointment!!!! you need some {{{{HUGS}}}} and nip

  5. Has Chey completely abandoned a career in policats then? We hope someone tosses down some nice snuggly blankets for you!

  6. Listen to the gray boys…have Chey climb up to the upper shelves where the blankies are stored…just hook a claw or 2 in them and PULL! You’ll have your blankies right where you want them. And…Chey will have been given a temporary job…

  7. That is horrible! Why wouldn’t your mommy leave the warm and fuzzy blankies where you can snuggle on them? My mommy leaves piles of clothes and sheets and blankies laying all around her bedroom . . . some may say it is because she is lazy, but I know it is really so that I can snuggle in them while she’s gone all day.

  8. Miss Gemini
    I has lots of places that are good to hide in and if yoo want I will happily show them to yoo.

    your boyfriendcat

  9. How inconsiderate, not leaving the blankets on the floor for you. I know I don’t play with my toys the same since all my siblings joined the household, too, but I still don’t think I would wish them to NY.

  10. Gemini, I think the floor is the perfect storage-place for big heavy blankies!

  11. Gemini, we think you should find those fuzzy blankies and pull them onto the floor where you can lay on them and snuggle…it’s only right….

  12. We hope that your Mama leaves some blankets out for you to snuggle in!

  13. Teleport over here dear Gemini – I have lots of things you could snuggle in and other things you could play with while you’re snuggling:) xxx

  14. Don’t worry Gemini!! Soon,she will need those warm blankies for the beds!!!!! Now that would be a soft,cozy place to snooze!
    Purrs Mickey

  15. Oh dear, you do look miffed, Gemini. My mum has been building a new shelf in her closet, it must be that time of year.

  16. Haf yoo reminded yoor mom dat yoo NEED dem blankies on da closet floor fur snuggling in? Our mom always leaves a nice blankie on da couch fur us. She also leaves da closet in da big bedroom open enuff fur Zippy to get into so she can sleep on da old sleeping bag in der.

  17. Poor Gemini. Maybe you should just tell your mum that you need those blankets. Maybe she doesn’t realise.

  18. Don’t worry too much, sweetie! If your beans are anything like ours are … it won’t take long before the new found “organization” is a thing of the past! Those blankets will find their way back to the floor! *purrs*

  19. Uh oh. It sounds like it is getting way too organized at your house. We have nothing in the way of organization here. We have tons of stuff to play on, around, plop on, etc. No storage here!

    Luf, Us

  20. Gemini, I agree with everyone up here that you should get those snuggly blankets. Now! You look furry lovely in that picture!
    Purrs, Siena

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