Sunday Guest Star: Skeeter, LC and Ayla

For two weeks in a row, Skeeter, LC and Ayla are the winners of the Find Chey Friday. We give nods to Camie’s Kitties who were the first to know that I was in Alaska, but Skeeter and company were the first to know exactly where I was.

St. Michael’s Russian Orthodox Church, Sitka, Alaska

Most kitties seemed to understand that it was an Orthodox Church from the cross. Many thought it was Alaska for varying reasons as well. Yes, all it is Sarah Palin country but not all that close to where she lives, so I did not need to worry about low flying helicopters.

Now I have to speak to Isis about this comment:

Chey stop flattening that poor building and come over to Miss Peach’s for a tea party today! There’s a big celebration and I have shrimp puffs! :)

You see as my new nickname is Chunky Chey-tocks I am not sure I like the idea that you think I am flattening out that church. I might become obsessed with my weight and become anorexic or better yet bulemic (we cats are better at that than humans). In fact the latter would allow me to eat more and make more messes… hmmm?!

At any rate, thanks to Miss Peach and her family for sending us some more wonderful photos so that I can go wandering again! For those cats who are tired of never knowing where I am, send me something from your part of the world!


  1. Thank you, Chey. We LOVE the “Find Chey” contests.

    BTW, you may have noticed we left out #7 on our list of things we do ta find you. Its our little secret, but ya can think of it as “Then a miracle occurs”. Hee, hee…

  2. Concats to Skeeter LC and Ayla. Will they make it a hat trick next week?

  3. At least I was close!!!

  4. It was wonderful to see you at Ruis’s party! You sure do know how to belly dance! Kitty kisses from Italy,

  5. Congrats to Skeeter, LC and Ayla…they are furry smart!

  6. Chey, you never fail to make us smile. And weight, well there’ll just be more of you to love. Re your recent trip “up north”, we trust you did not stay too long, would not want you tainted in anyway, you betcha.

  7. Dearest Chey,
    We love your bloggy! You are one very cool cat!

    Very truly yours,
    The Whiskers and Purrs Gang

  8. Chey, we knew you weren’t flattening that church! Just warming it up!

  9. Chunky Chey-tocks. Tee hee. Poor Chey!

    Luf, Us

  10. Hey Chey, some of us (me included) could be called chunky. We like seeing where you are, but usually have no idea, so we don’t guess.
    ~ Anna Sue

  11. Skeeter, et. al., are pretty smart and well-traveled! Chey-tocks! Avec Chunkness! You’re a very funny feline, Chey!

  12. Skeeter, LC and Ayla are smart!

  13. We do not think you are chunky! Happy Sunday.

  14. Dr Tweety says:

    CHUNKEE???? YOU??? Chey! I tinks you iz a slinkee Siam-meezer… meezerz by nature cannots be chunkee. Now, if you looks at my sisterz, dat iz a different storee! Egg-cept fur Iris.. but she haz da meezer body. Mebbe you needz a sweat-ter fur da cold partz of da wurld. Flyin’ around like dat could givez you high-poe-furrmea!

  15. Hey! Hello! We love contests and challenges. We’ll be visiting you often.

    Thanks for checking us out at 4 Cats Ruffin It! We appreciate the visit. We’re going to add you to our “Cool Cats” list, if that’s okay.

    See you soon!

    GBDR (The Hyggecats)

  16. Chey, first of all, I want to say concatulations to Skeeter, LC and Ayla. And second but most important, you are not at all chunky!!! Now my brother Sam, he might qualify there … ouch, why did you whap me Sam??? Okay bro, I’m sorry I said that 🙁
    I hope the rest of your Sunday is wonderful!
    Purrs and headbutts,

  17. Congrats to Skeeter, LC and Ayla – they are very smart cats!

    Chey, I have a confession to make: I like to be bulimic when I want it my way. I have managed to make them offer BOTH wet and dry food all the time by doing this! It may be worth considering.

  18. concats ta Skeeter, LC & Ayla. we fink all kitties hafe eetin disorders. owr beans klean up frow up all tha tyme. we eet too fast.

  19. well that’s a purrfektly awful nickname. what have you decided to call your woman?

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