Memory Meezer Monday

We lost so many friends last week that we thought today would be a good day to honor the Siamese who came before, Simone.

The Woman had just lost another cat to an unusual disease. She was working at the vet and saw these big old 20 plus year old Siamese mix males and she wanted a cat like that. So she started talking to clients. One called with a Siamese rescue. It turned out to be Simone.

Simone was nothing like those big males. She was a petite little Siamese and probably a blue or lilac point. She was certainly not show quality but had probably been a purebred pet quality cat. The people who brought her in had driven about an hour and the Woman hated to send them back so she took Simone even though she wasn’t the cat she had hoped for.

The first day Simone hid under the bed, not being sure about the Iggy cat. However, late in the night, the Woman woke up and Simone was curled in a tight little ball on the far side of the bed. The Woman said, “Well Hello.” Simone woke up and came over and immediately settled down on the Woman’s arm. From that night on, she always slept on the Woman.

She was a six year old cat when she came to the Woman and she was about 16 when she died of liver failure. She walked on a leash. She played fetch. She loved to play chase with the Woman. She would chase the Iggy Cat sometimes. When she and Iggy lived alone with the Woman, Iggy had to go to the vet and stay overnight. Simone was inconsolable. When Ig came home, she smelled him once, swatted him across the face and turned away to wander away. Ig looked annoyed.

Simone and Georgia only ever tolerated each other but they got along okay so long as Georgia could go outside.

Simone had acted weird for about six months before she died. She and the Woman had visited the vet many times but they never knew what was wrong. They started making the Woman feel she and Simone were neurotic. A week after Iggy died, Simone was bright yellow. She died from liver failure (helped to bridge) just ten days after Iggy died, following her beloved orange cat to the Bridge.

The Woman was terribly upset because she felt she had failed Simone in not getting her the help she needed. Liver failure is very painful and Simone has suffered stoicly. We think Iggy heard her and sent Gemini to take her mind of that. About five months later, I, Cheysuli, was offered for adoption and the Woman drove 300 miles to go and pick me up for the cost of my spay. And the rest is history. I guess I do need to thank Simone for being such a cuddle muffin that the Woman had to have another Siamese.


  1. Thank you for your love story about Simone. She was a lovely cat. I am sorry that the vet didn’t recognize that she had liver failure coming on.

  2. This is kind of sad story as well…. 🙁

  3. What a wonderful day it was when Simone came to The Woman!

  4. The OWCB are owed a special honor for paving the way for us!

  5. Wow Simone IS so purrtee! Fank yoo for sharing her story and Simone fank yoo for bring Miss Gemini…

    your boyfriendcat….

  6. What a wonderful story about Simone…we lost our amazing and wonderful snowshoe Morgan to liver failure and then our beautiful Maggie to bile duct cancer. Simone was beautiful. How sad to lose Iggy and Simone within days of each other.

  7. What a lovely cat Simone was! Your Woman was obviously The One for her. No way did she let Simone down. The vets should bear the brunt but maybe there was some reason why they couldn’t diagnose Simone’s illness. I guess these things happen sometimes for no discernable reason. That photo of Simone looking up at the Woman is just so precious. xxx

  8. We are sorry to hear about Simone. She was beautiful.It is sad to hear about all those pooses who have passed on.


  9. That was a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  10. Simone was a wonderful cat…thanks for sharing her story with us, Chey!

  11. What a sweet story about Simone. Her beautiful blue eyes matched her furs! Your Mommie would go to the ends of the earth for her babies. So would ours.

  12. That makes me furry sad to read. What a purrty kitty she was.

  13. It’s so hard on the humans when they can’t help us. But their love and care count for a lot when we share lives with them.

  14. Great minds indeed Chey!

    What a beautiful story. Simone was a sweetheart. I think she knew something was up with Iggy during those last months and when he went to The Bridge it was maybe the shock made her so well. We cats do have such deep friendships. Your Mom is not to blame in anyway at all. Simone had a good life, filled to the brim with love. Thank you so much for sharing her story with us.

    Rumbly purrs (anda hug for your Mom)

    Whicky, Angel, Oliver, Gerry & Mum

  15. Thank you for sharing Simone’s story. She was obviously much loved. There is no way your human should blame herself for not realising her liver was failing. Cats can be very good at hiding pain and illness.

  16. What a wonderful story, Chey. Simone was a very special meezer indeed. I know how your human feels . . . my mommy has lost some furry babies in similar ways and has felt the guilt.

    Purrs to you all. <3

  17. Simone was beautiful! My Mommie had a Siamese cat named Cricket, and she knew he had something very wrong with him, and he kept going to the vet and being referred to specialists, but they could not find anything wrong. My Mommie felt like they all thought she had some kind of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, but with her cat! Cricket was 16 when he went to the Bridge, about a year later.

  18. What a sweet/sad story, Chey. Simone was so beautiful. My mom has a soft spot for Siamese kitties, too. It’s been almost 8 years since her sealpoint Millard had to be helped to the Bridge at 22 years old with kidney failure, and she still misses her every day.


  19. What a beautiful and loving story about Simone. Thank you for sharing your Sisfurr who was before with us.

  20. That’s a great story. Thanks for sharing. I love that she snuggled with your Mom. And I think you are right, it does seem that Simone sent Gemini your way. As for the leash, I’ve tried it, but never had the patience for it, so I’ve very impressed by that.

  21. Hmm…those lilac points seem to pave the way don’t they? Simone sounds like such an amazing meezer ambassador. I love hearing about meezers that came before.

  22. Simone sounds like she was a fantastic meezer. We are sorry that v-e-t was not more alert to her illness.

  23. What a pretty gurl dat Simone waz. & your momee shouldz not blame herselfee… Simone waz 16 & dat iz a reespectabull age fur a kitty to live. But az da dadee here sez:”We justee do nots live long enuff.” & here he meanz both da kitteez & da beanz. Tanks you fur da nice storee, abouts da onez who came beefore.

  24. That was a wonderful story about Simone.
    I am happy she paved the way for you Chey 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  25. Thanks for sharing your story about Simone. It is nice to remember those no longer here but are still loved.
    Glad you are enjoying CCSI IV. Come back tomorrow to view Part II. Do you have it figured out yet?

  26. What a wonderful story. We feel like we know Simone now. Thanks for telling us about her and introducing her to us. We bet we’ll see her when we go over the bridge too some day. It’s so amazing how such wonderful creatures touch our lives and then go.

  27. Simone was gorgeous!!!

  28. Simone sounds sweet – and so does your human! I’m glad Simone had such a good life, even if it ended in not too nice a way. I’m off now to snuggle Target and Au. Purrs Chey!

  29. What a nice story about Simone. Mum sometimes thinks that she would get a Meezer at some point. I hope not too soon! I like to be an only cat.

  30. Oh Chey….Simone sounds like she was the purrrrfect kitty for your mommy at the right time. Thank you for sharing her touching story with us! We are planning something special for the Meezers who owned the hearts of our beans before us soon.
    Stay warm dear friends…

  31. Simone is so pretty and it sounds like she was very sweet and loving. Thanks for sharing about her.

  32. What a touching story. Simone was a very special girl.

  33. What a story. Simone was evidently quite a companion kitty and she paved the way for you to live there. One day you can thank her. But not soon!

  34. Thats sad about Simone. Liver problems and then losing Iggy… We are sorry for The Won too…

  35. *sniff* we’re sorry yoor mom hadda lose a good kitty that way. Sometimes mom cries about da kitty dat came before, mom wishes dey could finda a cure fur cancer or some way to make it never happen. Dat reminds us, how’s Georgia doing?

  36. What a wonderful story. Simone was beautiful! And i do believe that everything happens for a reason, she really paved the way for you to take over the woman’s house and life effortlessly. xx

  37. Simone was so pretty – and brave!

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