Meezer Rule Wednesday

Well what should I have as a rule for today. How about leave me alone and think of your own rule Woman? I’m napping.

In my retrospective, one of my first posts feels a bit over done even for me. I think I was reading a bit too much Kukka-Maria.  I shouldn’t actually  put down stripes, although when they go the long way they can make you look fat. I mean no tabby is fat–the stripes just go the wrong way and so humans THINK they are fat.

That’ s not what I said then though.  I think I must have mellowed.  A very fine cat from the blogosphere put me in my place as my first commenter.   I wish she were still around to remind me of the beauties of other cats, especially the tabbies.

I had no idea this retrospective would make sniffle a bit.   Ta.


  1. It is fun to look back at some of those older posts and see how things have changed. It’s really funny to see some of those old comments, too. It made me a little sad to see who the commenter was, though.

  2. Ah, Bonnie. So many good kitties — and dogs and bunnies and hammies and humans — lost in 2008. No wonder retrospection brings the sniffles.

  3. It’s very interesting to look back on our lives and what has happened and what we have said. I have enjoyed visiting your blog since joining the Cat Blogosphere, even if I can’t figure out where you are!

  4. I like your eyesight, Chey~~
    Very Very sleepy but also very charming~

  5. Oh Bonnie, I sure do miss her…
    See you next year!

  6. Victor was our first commenter, and we miss Bonnie, too. We should go back and read some of our first posts. We’ve only been blogging a year and we have already had to say goodbye to too many new friends. ::sniffles::

    We hope the New Year brings you all joy and good health!

  7. It’s great to remember those who had given us the spark to strive for the best in our own expertise.

    Happy New Year 2009! May 2009 be a happy and healthy year for everyone!

    Lots of love,
    Criz & the J Family Kitties

  8. Haappy New Year to allll of you
    purrrs and kisses
    Princess and Pierro

    Luxie was our first commenter and we love him very much!

  9. Always sad when you look back, but excited when you look forward. 🙂 Happy new year to the humans and kitties alike!

  10. So now I know what’s going on with Ginger…her stripes are going the wrong way! Ha! We joined so recently we never met Bonnie. We are happy to have met you Chey…even if you do have us searching the globe for you. It’s the thrill of the hunt!

  11. I’m very excited about this New Year ahead of us! I sure hope its better than last year.

  12. Ah, it was Bonnie! That makes me a little bit sad, too.

    Happy New Year to you! I think 2009 will be a great year. I am almost certain.

  13. My 3rd Blogoversary is coming up in January, I think we started blogging fairly much around the same time.

    Happy New Year!

  14. Chey, that’s a great pickshure of you! It’s fun to go back and read old posts, isn’t it? I think my spellin has efun gotten a little bit bettur! Well, sumetimes. hehe

    Happy New Year to you and yur fambly!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  15. Happy New Year and thank you for being such good friends during 2008! You are the best pooses!
    may 2009 bring much happiness, good health and an abundance of ham.
    zevo and her cohorts!

    see you tonight at MO’s

  16. We miss Bonnie too. It is good to look back over old posts. Since we have been doing our Friday Flashback we have read a lot of our old posts. A very Happy New Year to all of you.

  17. Happy New Year to Chey and Gemini. Yeah, Bonnie had a way of putting a lot of kitties in their place. But I got a kick on one of your comments in that first post, and I quote.

    “As a Siamese I have no need to rule or fame. I just am. I wait to be served because that is what we are here for.”

    No need to rule? Then why run for president? You must have had a change of heart! Girl cats are allowed to change their minds!

  18. We didnt know Bonnie well but we has read she was a feisty one! hehe

    Happy New Year!! We all hope its filled with lots of new and great things for you all. =)

    I is Jake!
    Mommy Bean Laure
    TT’s spirit

  19. *sigh* We miss Bonnie…and a lot of others that have gone off to play over the rainbow bridge. We wish you a healthy, happy and prosporous 2009.

  20. Retrospectives are a bit sniffly … so many good friends gone to da bridge. Let’s hope this is a happy healthy year for us all.

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