Meezer Rule Wednesday

Consider Daisy’s Fashion Statements Carefully.

Last week with my mohawk and collar, Daisy suggested a tattoo. Well I have gone all out. What do you think? Should every cat have a tattoo?


  1. I like the Chinese words on you Chey~!
    Those are very good meaning and fits your image to me~!

  2. Okay – now we are curious as to what the Chinese characters mean. We think maybe one or two tattoos would be good. More than that, and you ruin your meezer prettiness.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  3. the Chinese words on your arm means :determination, make up one’s mind.
    The leg on is peace.
    Well, recently, people in asia like wearing in White at wedding, red is good, too. But it’s in very traditional culture. We may wear in red at wedding party, it’s the bride’s choice. And we have no idea, which color Toshie will choice. hehehe~~
    We only don’t wear in black for wedding dress now,but in these 1~2 years, some brides wear black wedding dress as well, and looks great, too. So… it’s up to the brides.

  4. well Chey, you look, er, Angelinaish with all of those tattoos.

  5. Er Chey, you don’t think you have overdone the tattoos a bit do you? We hope you aren’t going off the rails.

  6. I think the key word in “a tattoo” is “a” 🙂

  7. Those are just lick on and lick off tattoos, right?

  8. Mmmm… well maybe a tattoo would work on Tigmut’hep’s big fat bald belly?! 😉

  9. We’re not fans of tattoos but you make them look good.

  10. Uh oh Chey…did you get into too much catnip and wander into a tattoo parlor? I think less is more…have your beans work their magic and just keep one well chosen tattoo. We like the Chinese characters on your arm.

  11. OOOOhhhhh Auntie E just got a matching tattoo! She got the mind/heart one you have on your leg on the top of her foot. Meowmy went with her. Meowmy really really wants a meezer tattoo (the cute logo for meezer rescue) but she doesn’t have the guts.

  12. Wow, dat’s a LOT of tattoos!

  13. *kitty chortle*
    We had to laugh at Parker’s comment….

    Furry good!

    Helloooooooooo Miss Gemini, now are you going to get “a” tattoo…hey maybe I could get Gemini and you could get Ping…

    your boyfriendcat

  14. Chey, when you do something, you really go all the way! I think just the ones on your arm would be the perfect touch. The other ones could be a little bit overboard. But I admire your commitment!

  15. I don’t know Chey, somehow none of the tatoos convinced me. I love your natural furs! Please tell me that they are lick on/lick off tatoos( as the grey boys put it)!!!

  16. Yes, every cat should have a tatoo lol.

  17. We like your tatoos, Chey, but we’re too furry and don’t think they would show.

  18. Hey, Chey…we think you might have overdone it with the tats!

  19. Um, wow, dat’s a lotta tatoos, Chey.

  20. Maybe one teeny-tiny tat, Chey. Otherwise your meezer mojo wil be ruined!

  21. Gee Chey, is this how you console yourself for not being President?

  22. Chey dem tattoos really do look good on yoo!

  23. Whoa Chey, you got lotsa tattoos! We especially like the lovely flower one on your chest … it is so pretty just like you!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

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