Meezer Monday

I have finally decided upon a position now that I am no longer becoming president.


Nap Coaching for the Snoozing Challenged

So what do you think?

So many humans don’t know when to nap. They go running around doing their stuff even when a nap would be the proper thing to do.

Many have something called insomnia, whatever that is.

I could help. I have looked into personal coaching services and there is no special licensing that could specistly keep me from practicing. I can do this all from home (thus leaving little room for me to ruin my napping) and allowing me a tax write off.

I think this could be the perfect deal.


  1. thats a gud job Chey. we cats dont suffer insomnia so beans shuld listen ta us. wes hafin trowble stayin awake ryte now efun.

  2. That is excellent. You could probably franchise it out too.

  3. Brilyint! But I wood also look into gitting a book deel.

  4. I can sleep for England, but only in the daytime, lol! Can you teach me to sleep at night, please and thank you? Actually, I do sleep at night, fitfully, and usually during a TV programme I really want to see… Duhr!

    Thanks for your comment. You are quite right and I don’t feel alone when I have so many wonderful friends on these innernets! I’m not a completely Billy No Mates in my “terrestial” life either. It’s just that Mum and Pinky was/is my bestest frennids and I miss them lots. Perhaps I should delete the post as it makes me seem self-pitying. What do you think? šŸ™‚ xxx

  5. Thank you!!! Luvzya! Going to bed now (6:49 a.m. Doh!) šŸ™‚ xxx

  6. Good Idea! We will send Momma over for her first lesson asap, k?

  7. My Mommy made need your consultative services…

  8. Great idea Chey, though I think Tigmut’hep might just be trying this idea out already! šŸ˜‰ He is after all the most accomplished napper I know!

  9. What an excellent idea, Chey! Do you need assistants? We come with impeccable references!

  10. Great idea…beware of a book deal though, you’d have to go around putting your pawprint in a bunch of books which would cut in to your napping time.

  11. I think that’s a great idea – however, I need no help with napping. I could nap almost anywhere these days. Maybe I have narcolepsy!

  12. Chey yoo is brillant are yoo sure yoo diddant stay at a Holiday Inn Express?

    Hellllllllooooooo Miss Gemini….

    your boyfriendcat

  13. Dat is a great idea Chey! Absolutely brilliant.

  14. This is a most excellent idea. I think you could also become an instructor and teach other cats this trade.

  15. that’s a great job. Nap Czar.

  16. Sounds like a good job to us. Do you need any help?

  17. Thank you very much for coming by and offering me support for my upcoming surgery. I feel very special knowing that so many wonderful kitties and beans care about me.

  18. Mom says I need this, since I was so growly when Dad was unpacking stuff in my house last night. I’d just gotten everything where I wanted it and now he’s messing it up!


  19. Furry grate idear Chey! I need to sine Mommy up!

  20. You could be the Stephen Covey of napping.

  21. That’s a great idea, Chey…where does our mom sign up?

  22. Chey, you always have the greatest ideas!

  23. Chey, I fink you’ve cracked it! What an excellent career that will be. I fink you are without doubt an expert and you could be what some call an “expert advisor” on napping. I would be interested in a franchise – ‘cos I can nap for England (which is where I live).

  24. ooooooooooooo I think this is a perfect career for you. In four years, you may decide you don’t even want to run again because you’re so successful as a Nap Coach for the Snoozing Challenged.

    Careful there in Alaska Chey, those low flying copters are evil and everywhere!

  25. Oh yes! This is way more than purrfect. Napping at home in between working with your clients.

    Luf, Us

  26. Sounds like the purrfect job!!!

  27. Excellent idea. I have trouble sleeping but target doesn’t coach me. He just makes me pet him while he snoozes!

    Hey, glad you liked our give-target-the-kitty-a-pill video. Hope your bean doesn’t decide this is a good time to medicate you! Meow from Malaysia.

  28. Perfect idea!!!! You are sure to be successful too šŸ™‚
    Purrs Mickey

  29. That is a perfect job for you, Chey. Mom would love to have you test lap robes for warmth and comfort, but is is Lucky’s job and I don’t want to tke it away from her. How about you be the backup?


  30. Great idea! Do you need an assistant?

  31. Certainly this would be an excellent position for you, Chey! If you need any assistance, I would be happy to oblige as I am 12 years old and have plenty of napping experience!

    Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  32. I volunteer my Meowmy to be a guinea pig for you. She needs its!

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