Find Chey Friday

Well I wanted to do something a little bit easier seeing no found me last time. I hope I haven’t completely given it away as to where I am… The more accurate you are the better but I bet everyone can make a guess.

Find Full Find Chey Rules here.



  1. Oooh, dats a Hairy Potter thing. Um, Kings Kross Stayshun. Whut wuz it like thare?

  2. Very good Mr. Echo. I think you are giving the mostly correct answer. I had a more obvious answer in mind for those who might not know all of that!

  3. Oah My~!!!
    You are into that Platform!!!

  4. You are waiting for the train at Kings Cross Station to take you to Hogwarts school and you will go right through that wall. Say hello to Harry Potter for us.

  5. Rats! Mom is a big Harry Potter fan and we gotted here too late! Rats! Rats! Rats!

  6. I STILL wouldn’t have guessed correctly, we have never read those books!

  7. (Our pet humans just re-watched the first 3 of the Harry Potter movies.) Please be careful of all those owls and other beasts while you are at Hogwarts.

  8. Chey, once again no idea, like Parker, we have never read any Harry Potter books or have seen any Harry Potter movies. Apparently we are in the minority … hee hee! Happy Friday!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  9. OOOhhh….we LOVE Hairy Potter! Once you get on the Hogwarts express and head off to school are you going to give Crookshanks and Mrs. Norris a swat for us, ok?

  10. I finally knew one, but I got here too lates. We just love Harry Potter and will probably do another marathon of movies during the holidays.

    I must say it since I know it for once, you are at Kings Cross Station getting ready to slip through the wall to go to Hogwarts School.

  11. Well,I always thought there was something magical about you 🙂
    What spell will you be learning? heh,heh,heh!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  12. we nefur readed the Hairy Potter books or looked at the movies either. But you’ll prolly do a great job scaring the poop out of the people on the train!!!!

  13. Heading to Hgowarts!!!!!!! WOO HOO! We want to visit there!!! We don’t know the train stations name though…but it’s in London!

  14. Oh Momma has read all but the last book so she knew where you were this time Chey…but of course we got here too late…but have fun at Hogswart!

    Hellllllooo Miss Gemini

    your boyfriendcat

  15. Are yoo lost AGAIN Chey? Yoo reely need a Gee Pee Ess!

  16. Are you going to see Harry Potter, Chey??? Isn’t that where you take the train to Hogwarts???

    Wow! We get one right…but everyone else has beat us to the punch!

  17. For once, I know EXACTLY where you are! You are at Platform 9 3/4. Right?

  18. YAY going to Hoggiewarts for a Christmas party!!

  19. Wowie! We knew this one and we haven’t even read the books!

  20. Oops we’re too late! But we knew where this was too! How neat!

    Nermal, Nico, Virgil, Westley, & Mags.

  21. I see you! And I hope you and your family have a great holiday and a happy new year.

  22. Where’s my Firebolt?

  23. Sum trane stayshun in London, England (sez Lady-slave) she wuz dere a long, long tyme ago. (19 years ago). The big one…King’s Cross. Right?

    The Hyggecats

  24. Even I know where you are today, Chey! And if you turn around and keep walking (and have the right stuff) you could catch that quidditch ball/thingy!

    P.S.-YAY!!! I’m so glad you got it safely and also glad that the Woman got the something special mom made for her…you have to SHARE with Gemini, you know!

  25. I knew this one. Mr Harry Potter and his new furiend Chey on their way to Hogwarts for a few lessons in magic. Kings Cross Station and mum has been at least across the street at the St Pancras station for the tube so she could go see the British library.

  26. We knew dis one and if it weren’t fur dat stoopid snow cleaning mom hadda do we woulda been here earlier…

  27. We never read Harry Potter, so we wouldn’t have figured it out. But with our track record, we wouldn’t have figured out where you are if we had read Harry Potter.

  28. Sweet, I know where you are but am a bit late!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  29. Oh! I wanna go with you when you catch the train! It goes to special places where I’m pretty sure we can wave wands and get opposable thumbs for ourselves and THEN WE CAN OPEN EVERY SINGLE STINKY GOODNESS CAN WE CAN FIND!!!

  30. Kings Kross Stashun. Are yoo on yoor way ta Hogwarts? Mommeh saz yoo go frough dat wall an den yoo are at da spayshull hogwarts trains. 🙂

  31. I am a muggle cat so I wouldn’t possibly know. FAZ

  32. King’s Cross Station, London, platform 9 3/4. Are you waiting for the Hogwarts Express? I’d LOVE to ride that train! Or derail a model of it. Either would be fun!

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