Find Chey Friday

Chey is lost again!Wow! These Friday travels are getting dangerous. I mean who would have thought that little wire would move? I just wanted to check out the little carrier thing.. really. Wouldn’t you?

So where am I? And where am I going? I hope I’m not in trouble AGAIN for playing. I hate that.

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  1. Looks dangerous, whereever you are! Be careful!!! I give up guessing cat years ago. I NEVER know where you are.

  2. Oah Woww….Chey~~
    Are you doing some very hard rock mountain climbing?

  3. Wherever you are, we are impressed with how athletic you are.

  4. Duh, I dunno again!

  5. Chey you stumped us again! Be careful up there furriend, we don’t want you to fall in the water and get all wet!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  6. That looks cool, well, I would have been doing the same thing Chey, that is just too attractive for me with the little boxes of people… hmmmm
    Hoover Dam?

  7. Well, you are doing a high wire act…not exactly sure yet, but it looks like you are crossing a river on one of those ferries that are guided by wires…like we have been on in Canby Oregon, but the water level look too low so that’s why you are crossing the river without the silly ferry…

  8. Yikes! We don’t know, but hang on!!
    ~ Timothy and The Bunch

  9. Be safe, Chey!

  10. you are cheyzilla and you are trying to flick those little boxes (of people?) into the river so what ever is in there will meet an untimely death.

    oh, you wanted to know WHERE you were. We have no clue at all. then again, we never do. about anything really.

  11. Are you trying out for the high wire act with the Barnum and Bailey circus?

  12. I think I saw that episode on the Amazing Race!

  13. Haven’t got the foggiest, Chey, but I know you could walk that wire!

  14. *whoa* That looks like fun. I would love to join you Chey wherever you are….and maybe Miss Gemini would join us…

    your boyfriendcat

  15. Don’t know where you are,but I would say it’s time to get the heck outa Dodge!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t know what that means,but sometimes Mom says it πŸ˜‰
    Purrs Mickey

  16. No idea but we’ll guess in our realm of knowledge. At the top of the hill in Bangor Maine.

  17. Chey, I sure hopes da woman didz not cut your sharpiez lately… ‘cuz you could fallz off mid-stream. Az to da locashun… iz it somewhere likes da Snoqualimie? On da way up to da mountain? (I yam reely reechin’ here, ‘cuz I hazzn’t a clue.) At any rtae, pleeze triez & makes it to da other side of dat water, ‘cuz otherwize you will be in a terrybull meezer mood!

  18. Uh oh, Chey! Hang on tight!

  19. Wowie! That looks fun but dangerous! Chey, you are certainly a courageous kitty. Hope you hang on!

    Nermal, Nico, Virgil, Westley, & Mags.

  20. Wow. No one is even close on this one. I got this from another cat on vacation if that helps. Their people went somewhere else where I did a Find Chey as well…

  21. Oooo, I’ve not got the foggiest where you are, but I hope you’re okay coz it looks very dangerous! πŸ™‚ xxx

  22. I’m gonna have to say I have no idea on this one. This is a really tough one this week! Can’t wait for the answer.

  23. Not that I’m a quitter or anything like that, but I give up! Just don’t fall in Chey, ok?

  24. Whoa…the least they coulda done is let you ride in the car thingies instead of making you inch your way across on the wire. That could ruin a kitty’s pawdicure really fast!

  25. You’re obviously in Aberdeen. (I’ve decided to guess this until you actually go there.) πŸ˜‰

  26. Somebody already made my Cheyzilla comment, darn it. The only place that I have seen a cable car remotely like that one was the Isle of Capri, so I’ll make that my guess.

  27. Well, we can at least take solace that nobuddy else has a clue either! That helps.

  28. Chey, this stunt looks really dangerous

  29. Be Careful Chey! Maybe you need some time off from traveling!

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