Find Chey Friday

So where have I wandered off to again? Remember we love it when you go guessing even if you aren’t correct. Who knows? Sometimes you get it just by taking a wild stab. I really do need to find my way home. It seems to be getting a bit brisk here. I wish the insulation on this place wasn’t so good so that it rise and keep me a bit warmer.

Find Full Find Chey Rules.



  1. Oah Dear….
    Where are you again~!!!

    But I can see you at very good sun shine~!!!

  2. Well, you are looking at the back of a church. We know that becuse the St Andrews Cross is backwards. The St Andrews Cross means it is probably an orthodox church. Probably Russian, Scottish, or Greek but there are others. We will guess it is a church in the US based on faces and cars (and is that a Radio Shack on the right?)

    Further, we deduce it is daytime due to the bright light, that humans are not forbidden from the area, that it is not raining (blue sky), and that the picture is taken in the year 2000+ based on the vehicles.

    We also observe that the building is quite sturdy, as there is an immense cat sitting on a roof with no apparent damage to the structure.

    We further observe that most of the humans are not looking at the church, so there is either something more interesting going on behind and the the right of the photographer, or the general populace is not Orthodox.

    Lastly, my friend, we conclude that, not only did we accidently set up our tent last night in the middle of a street, but that, as we are lying here in our sleeping bags with a clear view of the scene, someone has stolen the tent!

    After them, LC and Ayla, we must recover our camping gear…


  3. We are going to say you are in Alaska, based on the Russian Orthodox church, the number of 4-wheeled drive vehicles, and the mixture of Asians and Caucasians in the picture. Our great-grandparents lived in Anchorage and they have a very large Japanese-American population.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  4. Oh, we definitely have no clue this week!

  5. We are fairly sure it is a Russian Orthodox church with those crosses. Mum says she thinks it is in Alaska somewhere because the sign on the right looks similar to some she saw there. We can’t guess any further than that though.

  6. Chey stop flattening that poor building and come over to Miss Peach’s for a tea party today! There’s a big celebration and I have shrimp puffs! 🙂


  7. I think that it is Alaska, but I don’t know where!

  8. St. Michael’s Russian Orthodox Church, Sitka, Alaska


  9. Today it is rainy outside!! That rain is affecting my ability to guess where you are!!!!! It’s all drizzly to me 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  10. Uh oh…too late! I had no clue anyway! I just thought you were heading to that tiny church so you could sit on it to warm it up and keep the people inside comfortable!

  11. Yer all assumin we are right… 😉

  12. It looks like someplace out west… Oregon?

  13. All I know is that you are on a church somewhere where it is cold!

  14. we iz da worst at dis game. We neveh been nooo where. 🙁

  15. *woo hoo*
    We had no idea but Skeeter is really good at figuring where you are out!
    Hellooooo Miss Gemini. It’s cloudy here today guess i will curl up and dream about you….

    your boyfriendcat

  16. Oh Shoot. Friday again. How do we happen to be here always on FRIDAYS. At least we have a clue this time: it is cold, it has these northern wood walls on the houses, there is this symbol on the house that tells us it is somewhere in the far North West. Pretty good, ha!
    Now come on over to the party, we are all belly dancing already!
    Karl and Ruis

  17. Yes Skeeter, LC and Ayla you are correct. And I am trouble by the fact that Isis thinks I am so fat I am flattening a Church? I am sure Miss Peach will find me as this is a photo courtesy of her family.

  18. Ping mentioned how good we are at finding Chey, and Chey said we were correct.

    We just have to say we got a secret plan. But we will share…

    First, we jus ask The Big Thing. Coupla times, he jus knew where Chey was right off. But usually he doesn’t.

    Second, examine the picture fer small details. Details help. The cross details were very important this times.

    Third, have some nip. It expands the mind wunnerfly.

    Fourth, OK, that nefer actally helps, but it is still good-feelin.

    Fifth, check yer personal kitty horoscope ta see if it is a good day fer discoverin things.

    Sixth, open yer kitty mind and examine the picture, Let the picture BECOME you. BE the picture. Let it bring you ta the place on Earth therein it dwells. Or somethin like that…

    Eighth, viola, “there it is”! And then post the answer as fast as ya can, poof up in sheer pleasure, an run ta the kitchen fer a treat…

    See? Easy as catching a stunned bird at the big glass door!

  19. My human was slow to get up this morning, or I would have guessed a church in Alaska. There is a nice sign on the right side with an Inuit motif.

  20. Just dunno … however hard I look I dunno … can’t we have an easy peasy one Chey?

  21. Without a doubt you are somewhere in Alaska. You can tell by the Radioshack, the people wearing winter clothes, the architecture and even the sky. I know Alaska and I bet you that is where you are at.

  22. We don’t know…but that’s a church, we thinks.

    We’re with Milo…we need an easy peasy one….

  23. We don’t know where you are, but Meowm wonders if that is a Pub to the right…that terra cotta colored building.

  24. Is that perhaps where Sarah Palin goes to church? As usual, we haven’t a clue!

  25. Before mum biggified the picture she went, ‘its a church’. Duh! After than we took a closer look, US based and Orthodox. Mum knows churchs. But not has much as TBT.

  26. hehehe Mom sez yoor laying on da rectory of a church…we don’t really know where but mom just likes to say rectory and make dad giggle.

  27. Run Chey…we think you may be in Sarah Palin territory!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Are you visiting Sarah Palin. Tell her not to hurt the moose please!

  29. Hay guys!

    I wanted to stop by and say FANKS YOU for the wonderful healing purrs you’ve sent our daddy’s way. He feels much better!! 😀

    -Kilroy and Fambly

  30. hehehe to Skeeter! We has to try that next time as we has no clue today where in the world Chey was!

  31. Other than knowing it was a church, we had no clue as usual, sighs! And Momma couldn’t help us out much trying to guess because her head has been so full of snot the past couple of days that she can’t even think straight … whoops, TMI! Hee hee! Have a wonderful weekend, furriends!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  32. I would have guessed someplace in Russia or the Ukraine.

  33. We don’t haf any idea of where you are but Mom likes da arkitekshure.

  34. That was sure some fancy powers of deduction done by Skeeter, LC and Ayla. Our human dad can’t think that way so good, but he did check and found the metadata was still attached. However, that said the photo was taken 9/25/08 at 12:29 AM — yes, AM. They might have midnight sun in Alaska, but not in late September… oh, and he says he has a Canon camera too… 🙂

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