Meezer Monday: Mourning Dr. Dog

We were very sad to hear late last week that Dr. Kat lost her beloved Liza, aka Dr. Dog. We have spent much of this weekend thinking of her. She and Liza were very close and went almost every where together.

We know that Liza has crossed the Bridge and is probably enjoying her friends who have gone before (and many of ours) however, we hope that you will send good thoughts to Kat who is still here. We know Kat knows all the good things about the Bridge and has probably been able to talk to Liza over there but still, it is a hard change and she misses her baby a lot. She could use some good kitty thoughts and hugs.


  1. We’re sorry to hear about Dr. Dog. We’ll certainly send good thoughts to Dr. Kat.


  2. Oh, that is so sad about Dr. Dog. Lots of purrs to Dr. Kat.


  3. We are also very sad about these, too.
    We are praying and purring for Dr. Kat and Dr. Dog.

  4. ((hugs))

  5. We will purr for Kat and think good kitty thoughts for her.

  6. Please let Dr Kat know we are purring for her.

  7. We are so sorry. It’s awful to lose such a good friend.

  8. That is very sad for Dr Kat. It is always hard to lose a good friend. It leaves a hole on your heart. I will send her hugs & purrs.
    Purrs Mickey

  9. We are so sorry to hear about Dr. Dog…sending purrs to Dr. Kat…

  10. That is so furry sad. I’ll go give purrs.

  11. Thanks for this Chey. We all need to stick together in happy times and sad.

  12. We are sorry to hear that Dr.Dog has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. We send consoling purrs to Dr. Kat.

  13. Very sad to hear about Dr Dog. We have so many furrends at the bridge now. FAZ

  14. Oh! We are sending many good thoughts, purrs and purrayers to Liza and Dr. Dog. We are so sorry that Dr. Dog has moved on.

    Luf, Us

  15. Oh, how very sad! I am purring very, very hard for her. 🙁

  16. We’re sorry to hear about Dr. Dog…purrs to Dr. Kat during this difficult time…

  17. Very sad to hear Dr. Dog went to the bridge..

  18. I am very sorry that Dr. Dog has to go to the Bridge. Sending comforting purrs to Dr. Kat.

  19. Sending lots of purrs and good wishes to Kat.

  20. It is furry sad to lose someone you love. Purrs to Kat.

  21. How terribly sad … we’ll send her some purrs.

  22. Purrs and headbutts to Dr.Dogs family

  23. We are so sorry to hear this sad news. We will purr extra hard for her and her family.

  24. aw, we are very sad to hear about Dr. Dog, Liza. we will send many comforting purrs and head nuzzles to Dr. Kat.

    We will also ask, Joe, Sebastian, Comet and Sonny, the woofies who’ve gone before to spend lotsa play time with Liza. purrrrrrrs to Dr. Kat.

  25. This is sad news. We are going to send some strong purrrs their way for the family!

  26. I am so sorry to hear about Dr. Dog going to the bridge. It makes my heart heave as I know those that knew and loved her miss her terribly. There are no words to take away the hurt that we feel when a loved one is away. My thought and prayers are for the family and friends to get through this hard time.

  27. What a shame. Will purr for Dr Kat.

  28. Aw man…I will purr hard for Dr. Kat. It’s always hard to be left behind.

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