Carnival of the Cats

Well there I was in beautiful Concrete at the edge of town. This was the old factory where they made… what was?! Oh yes, Concrete! Hence the name of the town.

Willow was the closest–but I wasn’t actually at the school. I was at the factory. But it was a very good guess. How did you guess that Willow?

Everyone gave such interesting answers but…we have to say Zevo gave the scariest answer:

Hmmm…the scariest place we can think of would be Sara Palin’s house… or maybe John Mccain headquaters right now
hmmmm or are you at Haliburton? Be careful!

But no Zevo, I am not that brave! And I certainly wouldn’t break out her windows!

And Miles and Sammy–a meezer could never be bad so it couldn’t be a meezer reform school. You just take that one to the bank. We do however have OWNER reform school.

And that starts our Carnival!

Piers Plowcat is a grand stand in for the at home cats over at Composite Drawing.

Ark Animals has an article on Cats and Halloween Safety.

Fred is a great lap cat.

Sarah Spy has some cute sleepy kitten videos.

The cats at the Poor Mouth think they need a cleaner chair.

There are some Halloween cats and pumpkins at Strange Ranger.

Guest Cat Mandu’s encounter with a moving vehicle.

Artsy Catsy has a fund raiser for Beau, Moki and Callie.

Missy is much improved and is playing in the yard.

Happy Halloween from Parker.

Abby is too cute to be spooky!

Jax didn’t like all the Halloween interruptions.

Rufus is an aptly named cat. He’s Phoebe’s neighbor.

House of Chaos remembers the Critters who have gone before on November 1.

Sisu is doing some cat blogging.

Sisu also prefers to read (with the help of cats)

Imeowza is on the sofa for Mancat Monday.

Ilnfidel reminds us that it’s great to stretch out in the dirt.

Mind of Mog attempts to get a tummy Tuesday.

Check out Luna’s adventures on the patio as Catsynth.

Mad Macedonian has 19 healthy living tips through cats… (only 19?!)

Samantha and Tigger are chillin out!

A late Happy Halloween from Aloysius!


  1. dey made concrete in dat place?
    pee ess … wut’z “concrete?”

  2. The link for The Poor Mouth is wrong! Just thought you’d want to know. =)

  3. I like the star of today :D~
    Have a wonderful Sunday to all of you!

  4. Thanks G–as sick as the woman was when she put this up, it’s amazing that’s the only wrong link…

  5. Willow did well. At least she was close. We’re usually more lost than you are.

    See you at Dr. T’s party!

  6. How *did Willow know? I’d *never have guessed that! Congrats to Willow!

  7. Chey!!! We iz so glad to see dat you haz not bowed outta dis race yet. But mebbe you could make a place fur yourself in da white-house when Prezy-dent Obama movez in? I heard dey waz adoptin’ a dawg frum da shelter, so now we has to convince him to adopt a firstee cat too!!!!
    We iz gonna haz a great time today at my Dias de la Muertos partee & firstee bloggoversarry… & evfurry cat iz invited!!! We are reddy & standin’ by wit all kindz of treats.

  8. We never would have guessed Concrete…we learn something new everyday. Willow is brilliant.

  9. I love kitty carnivals!

  10. Wonderful Carnival Chey and we give up trying to figure out where you go on Fridays! But it us fun ti come by and see who guessed! We guess geography is not our strong suit!!
    Your FL furiends,

  11. Chey, at least the name of the town Concrete was appropriate. We have a town here in the St. Louis area called Lakeshire that has no lakes, and one called Beverly Hills that has no celebrities! Go figure! Happy Sunday furriend!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  12. I agree with Zevo, Sarah Palin’s house would be scary! 😮
    Good thing you were not there 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  13. Oh, dear — looks like cyberspace ate my entry! It’s here.

    Thank you for a lovely Carnival.

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