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Meezer Monday: Mourning Dr. Dog

We were very sad to hear late last week that Dr. Kat lost her beloved Liza, aka Dr. Dog. We have spent much of this weekend thinking of her. She and Liza were very close and went almost every where together.

We know that Liza has crossed the Bridge and is probably enjoying her friends who have gone before (and many of ours) however, we hope that you will send good thoughts to Kat who is still here. We know Kat knows all the good things about the Bridge and has probably been able to talk to Liza over there but still, it is a hard change and she misses her baby a lot. She could use some good kitty thoughts and hugs.

Sunday Guest Star

Well this was a bit of an easier Find Chey (as always when the male sends a photo!). At any rate, Skeeter, LC and Ayla were the first kitties here to guess correctly:

You are at the Petronas Towers, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.

Congratulations on the journey!

However, Gandalf and Grayson noticed:

Actually, it is Kuala Lumpur, not Lampur… sheesh. And they used to be the world’s tallest buildings, before being surpassed by the Taipei 101 where Adan and Lego live in Taiwan. See how smart the Cat Blogosphere has made us kitties?!

Eric and Flynn, Mickey, Miles, Sammy and Billy, Milo, Siena, Ping, Laila and Minchie and Derby all knew where I was too. So there were a lot of very brilliant cats in the blogosphere.

Perhaps turkey makes us smarter? In which case, I think all cats need to eat more turkey.

Faz suggested:

Is that the chimneys from your turkey oven working overtime on Thanksgiving? FAZ

No but I WISH I had that much turkey!

Um and as to that rumor that I’ll be the next New York Senator, it’s only that, a rumor. I mean I have to actually live in New York for awhile to establish residency. As the last time I visited New York I became a Borg I am a little hesitant…

And we are purring hard for Misty who we just found out had emergency surgery.   And we hope that Snap gets better and for all the kitties who are in difficulties.

Find Chey Friday

Well it was a good day if you weren’t a turkey wasn’t it? I quite enjoyed myself. I had several power naps and I was so rejuvenated that I went on quite a long journey. Now doesn’t this place look grand? But where exactly did I end up? I think I need more turkey to go back to thinking.

Do any of you know?

See Full Find Chey Rules here! And remember, I love it if you guess and don’t know! Who knows how creative you can be? Even Daisy came very close one week and she says she never knows!

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Thankful Thursday

Thank heavens for flash bulbs even if they give you red eye

Thank heavens for flash bulbs even if they give you red eye

Luxor reminded me that we have forgotten to thank many cats for something and I thought today, Thanksgiving, which is the be all end all of Thankful Turkeys Thursdays that it would be the perfect time to share my thanks.

Luxor said on my Sunday Guest Star Post:

Hey, what about thanking the kitties who were a) way off the mark, b) had no idea, and c) were just plain wrong?

And he’s right. I should thank you. After all, without you what fun would Find Chey Friday be? How boring if everyone knew exactly where I was and no one made any guesses. So to all you regular guessers who never seem to find me, THANK YOU. And thank you Luxor for pointing out how remiss I have been!

Meezer Rule Wednesday

My Meezer Rule for this Week is that you just have to find yourself.

I am gladly searching. While I like the look the collar is kind of uncomfortable. I am not sure I am a collar type of cat. But I do think the mohawk and the collar make me look tough. What do you think?

Tabby Tuesday

Momma was reading about those kitties who had gone before and she started thinking that it has been a really long time since she wrote about Georgia’s history, if at all. So I said I would let that be my Tabby Tuesday post, so long as I got to be in the photo too! I know how people love to look at my soft floofy furs.

Anyway, Georgia met Momma when Momma first moved into a cheap apartment in Vancouver. Georgia lived on the grounds some where. Momma isn’t sure when she first started noticing her but over time, she came to look forward to this lovely calico cat that would greet her upon driving into her parking space. She would bend down and rub her ears and pet her a bit and then go on about her business. She would worry that some day she would see this calico run over on the street but it never happened.

After at least a year, another woman who lived in the building came by and told Momma that she was moving. She had been putting out food and water for Georgia (who she called George) and had a box outside the front door for her to snuggle in with a blanket. She asked that Momma take it and do the same. This Woman’s cats wouldn’t allow Georgia inside. Momma’s big Iggy Cat (who led me to her) wouldn’t let Georgia inside either.

Momma knew that this lovely calico cat was a girl so she didn’t want to call her George. So she called her Georgie Girl and then eventually Georgia became a more femine shorter name and is her official name at the vet.

In the winter of 1996/1997 there was a huge wind storm. Momma remembers that the day of the windstorm before it really started, Georgia just pushed her way in the apartment past the Iggy Cat and ate some of his food (as he looked on) and then parked herself in the closet and slept. Iggy ignored her. She slept all day of the storm and then most of the night after the storm was mostly past. Lots of big trees were uprooted and toppled around and the power was out for large portions of the city during the day. The Cemetery where Momma was working lost two really large old trees and one was sort of covering the plot that was going to be used for a funeral the following day.

Anyway at 4 Am or so Georgia woke up and had to go out. I guess she did not know about litter boxes. Anyway Momma let her out. The next day, when Georgia wanted to come back in, Momma decided that if she really wanted to be an inside cat then she needed to go to the vet and get her vaccines. So Momma crated her up and Georgia, who usually has a nice little squeak suddenly howled.

Well she was healthy, got her vaccines and Momma was told the notch in her ear was probably because she was a feral cat and had been spayed at a low cost feral cat spay. Momma took her home and started trying to keep her inside. Georgia didn’t really like this.

Momma also learned, talking to people who would ask her about Georgia and if she had seen her because they hadn’t that five other people in the complex were feeding her and had beds for her too. One called her Squeaker because of her tiny voice. They had obviously never taken her to the vet.

Anyway, Georgia would pick on the Siamese who came before Cheysuli and so Momma would let her out so she could go pick on other cats. Georgia once chased a little half grown kitten to the top of a tree and then sat at the bottom for awhile so the kitten couldn’t come down. She was very bossy.

When Momma moved, she took Georgia with her. In the first house, Georgia really liked the outside and ran the neighborhood much like she ran the apartment complex. She brought Momma a couple of her kills. One was a bird. Momma said she was so proud of herself her eyes looked like they were rolling in circles. She couldn’t be mad at her even though she felt bad for the bird. She had even put a bell on Georgia’s collar. Another time she found a wild baby bunny at the doorstep and she was very sad about that too.

When they moved again, Georgia didn’t like the outside so much. They were in a condo this time and it was a bit busier. Also there was a big retriever who would run by our condo and use the lawn. Georgia did not like dogs so I suspect that she worried about this. Also Momma didn’t like that the dog was not on a leash. So Georgia would mostly just go out with Momma when she read or when she walked with Ig or Simone around the complex.

Then Iggy died and 10 days later Simone followed him. The day after Simone died, Momma found me! Georgia did not want another cat but Momma told her that that was not an option and she had to be nice to me.

So I would bite at Georgia and attack her and she would be nice to me. She would hold me down on my back with her paw looking bored while I bunny kicked and screamed and screamed and then she would finally let me go and I would attack again and she would hold me down with a paw while I bunny kicked and screamed and she would look very bored.

However, one time Momma stepped on the edge of my floofy tail furs and I SCREATCHED because it sort of hurt and Georgia came running. I ran to Georgia and Georgia glared at Momma. Georgia sniffed me and I was okay so she swatted me and left but not before glaring hard at Momma for hurting me.

I always run to Georgia when I have a choice between her and Momma. I have never stopped trying to fight with her even though she cannot really fight.

Shortly after we moved up here, Georgia was diagnosed with a menigioma which is a brain tumor. Momma started working with a homeopathic vet rather than doing Pred to make her comfortable. Georgia had about 6 months on the outside, according to the regular vet. Georgia is still with us, over two years later. The homeopathic vet things that the original diagnosis was wrong because if it was a brain tumor, Georgia should have died by now. Momma just thinks that the homeopathic vet is doing such a good job. At any rate, Georgia is getting older and she can do less and less but she still seems ever so content to snooze on the bed and she loves to eat!

Meezer Monday

From the Cat Post Intelligencer:

Former Presidential Candidate Cheysuli, one of the losers in the race, has taken to her bed following the blowout that did not go her way.

Cats around the world are outraged that no feline votes were counted in the United States, pushing back their agenda for Total World Domination and a formal enforced human slavery to their wills (as opposed to the current informal enforced human slavery).

Cheysuli was not commenting but rumors are circulating that she feels she has no purpose. She considered a position with an expanded business in the Soprano Family but sources say she was really only interested in heading up the family. One has to wonder if there will be a new family in the Catsta Nostra soon.

Further rumors concern large parties with lots of nip and naps. The attendents are not identified. Meanwhile, inspite of potential substance abuse the former candidate continues to look for another meaningful position.

Sunday Guest Star: Gandalf and Grayson

After many guesses from many cats, Gandalf and Grayson finally found me in Quebec City.

We will guess Quebec City. Or somewhere they have really teeny peoples because you are ginormous!

I think that was a fine guess from Gandalf and Grayson.

We want to thank Eric and Flynn for suggesting this as place to visit. They said there was even a clue in the photo:

is Terrasse Dufferin, Quebec. The balloon may possibly be a clue as it has 400ans on it and Quebec City is celebrating 400 years since it was founded.

Cory Cat, after finding out I was in Quebec did some surfing and found out about Terrasse Dufferin:

Ok, just because I’m a good little googler for a cat…it’s Dufferin Terrace along the St. Lawrence River in Quebec City Canada…like I said before, there is a reason my mom refers to me as Hermoine! Although I agree with Dr. Tweety…it must be OZ because of the wizards flying around in those hot air balloons. My momma said that siamese was really smart for jumping out before they flew out of there! I wouldn’t have a clue with our my grey boy friends….

At any rate congratulations to all the cats who were correct and thanks again to Eric and Flynn… oh yes. And to Latte who was most correct:

Hehe, dealing with a lot of hot air from politicians.

Find Chey Friday

You know it’s so interesting to get to see so many places, but I find it so hard to keep track. I suppose that is why I am not being vetted for Secretary of State. Sigh. Still what interesting things up in the sky. Do you suppose I can catch them and play with them? They look like fun.

But at some point I’ll need to know where I am. Can you help?

Check out the Find Chey Friday Rules if you haven’t guessed before. Also due to some spam issues we reserve the right to delete anyone that we think is from a spam site and only guessing to get a link in. You guys don’t need to worry but the viagra sellers do!

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Thankful Thursday

Georgia Says:

I am thankful that I still have toes to make biscuits with sometimes when I am feeling really good

And we say:

We are also very thankful about that too.