Thanks But No Thanks Thursday

Open letter to Governor Palin:

Dear Sarah,

Can I call you Sarah?

At any rate, I’d like to thank you for all the reasons those on the Democratic Underground thank you. You have galvanized the Women to vote for Obama, pushing him ahead in the polls. Further, you have trivialized John McCain as a candidate, further pushing Obama ahead in the polls. And let’s face it, if I’m not going to be President, Obama ought to be. I think that’s something worth thanking you for.

However, it is possible to go to far. I mean, come on? All 12 of the people on the board that found you guilty of using your position for personal reasons were Democrats? There aren’t 12 Democrats in the state of Alaska. The numbers we’re seeing were 8 to 4, although I have heard as many as 11 to 1–with the higher number being Republican. Even your own party thinks you’re unethical.

Beyond that, I’m a cat. We know that my chances of becoming president are slim given that I don’t really speak English nor do I have the education, the age or even the Constitutional Right to be President.  Still, I ran for the office to point out the foibles of candidates running for president and, the increasingly pointless coverage of the candidates by the press.

You, however,  are making my job very difficult. Scandals are the meat and potatoes of my world. Yet you keep pushing the bar ever higher. I mean, really to be funny I should have more scandals and say sillier things than you do. However, I’m having trouble making this stuff up!

I’m not the only one suffering. How much harder are you making Stephen Colbert work? Or John Daily? Or even SNL? It’s tough to come up with a skit when what you are doing is more ridiculous than than any spoof.

So really “Can I call you Sarah”, back off. It’s mid October. I have three more weeks to lampoon the elections and I’m a cat. I need my rest okay.




  1. Cool, a Demo-cat!


    (The Woman thinks McCain made a bad choice, too…plus, she thinks Obama is hot.)

    (I do not. I am still voting CHEY ALL THE WAY!!!)

  3. She does just amaze us with her, well, I just can’t think of the right words…

  4. That is one scary woman, but at least she’s brought the good SNL comedy back. 🙂

  5. You betcha wink wink wink….
    That woman scares us. If Mccain wins we are leaving the earth with Tina Fey!

    We are so hung over from drinking shots of tequila watching the debates last night.

  6. We got nuthin’.

  7. Thank you for saying what we’re all thinking. You have to wonder if they even vetted her at all.

  8. heh heh The mom finks she is furry stupid and her (Sarah’s) jokes suck!

  9. The only time we saw this Sarah character was when Meowm happened upon a bit of an interview…and Meowm was not impressed by her speaking abilities. Plus she has heard/read that this Sarah person was trying to ban books in Alaska (she doens’t know any details, but banning books in her book is just an all around bad thing). So Meowm is not impressed. She much purrfurs you Chey….

  10. hellllllllllllloooooooooo Miss Gemini…it is so warm here today would you like to go chase butterflies with me?

    your boyfriencat

  11. And I wish she would stop referring to people as “Joe Six-Pack out there.”

  12. How could anyone resist your soft furs….I just want to snuggle up with you!

  13. Mom’s laffing…she sez dat Palin thing gives women a bad name!

  14. I hate when she talks like one of the “good old boys”
    or at least tries to. I hope she just goes away .;)

    Purrs Mickey

  15. Just over two weeks to go Chey! You can do it.

  16. I’m still pulling for Chey!

  17. Didn’t you just love McCain’s cheesy smile (with lots of teeth) saying how Sarah was a role model for women? Gag me with a spoon. Don’t even get me started.It gets better though, try this blog, they’re awesome! Just like you.


  18. i try not to comment on politikz …
    i will be votin fer u, tho, chey.
    (wink wink … u betcha!)

  19. we so agree wiff yoo. tha moment mccain said she wuz hiz running mate sissy told momma vote Obama. owr beans are anti mcain more then pro obama. owr beans know how much she hates animals. that sealed tha deal fur them. no on her.

    but lyk Carmen above said, at least snl’s been funny spoofing her lately. theyve sucked tha last 10 years.

  20. I hear ya.

  21. Heh heh. Grate commints.

    Luf, Us

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