Thankful Thursday

I am very thankful that even my toys find comfy places to snooze. However, this is my bed, from Latte and I think I will be moving that mouse out so I can snooze in there. It is still a bit sunny.

I have not had to wear a costume for Halloween for which I am very thankful.

Additionally my human is getting back into her cat and web site stuff so she is not spending so much time on Facebook (although she is still spending way too much time there).

Finally, I am thankful that the Male seems to be getting over his illness. Playing nurse cat to him was very tiring, particularly since I would rather he weren’t here at all and he was here ALL DAY when he is usually gone. How stressful is that just days before the election?!


  1. Great point~!
    I don’t like wearing costume for any holiday, but Michico always makes me wearing…. Hmmmm….
    Your beans are so much better~~

  2. Toys need ta learn their places. Toss it on the floor and nap comfy!

  3. Oh! Oh! A mouse! I want it!

  4. What a puretty bed that is! Glad your hooman is getting better. Our hooman was ill too last couple of days but iz feeling better today. Purrs and hugs to you all 🙂

  5. What a comfy bed – I’d chuck the mouse at right away and hog it for myself!

  6. Toss that mouse over here, willya’?

  7. Yoo know dat is comfy lookin even wif the mousie there! We feel fer ya, the mom has been on facebook alot too! Sometimes we has to sit right on the puter to make her stop.

    Molly that isn’t true.

    Is too Shadow!

    *humph* NOT!

  8. that’s lots to be thankful for!

  9. I let Pooh Bear off the hook this year for the costume as well. He’s happy about that!

  10. We’re off the hook for costumes too! About that mouse…I think it’s a brilliant strategy for you to let it think it’s safe and comfy in your bed. You can pounce on it and destroy it and it won’t even see you coming. Then you can nap.

  11. Wow look at how great your bed still looks! Ours are totally squashed because big fatty cat sleeps in them and makes them flat.

  12. Chey, it sounds as though you need a bit of quality pampering!!! Get in your bed and just relax and enjoy some “me” time!!!! You will feel so much better 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  13. You got one beautiful bed there lady… how lucky can one cat be? And a mouse to go with; no complaints now.
    PS/you gots our votes, maybe that makes 25!

  14. That is one cool cat bed! Chillaxin’ time!

  15. Kick that toy to the curb so you can get some quality napping time. You must be fresh and ready for Tuesday!

  16. Chey, we think you should just lay on top of that mousie…it isn’t worth the effort to move him…

  17. Maybe this will show a nurturing side of you, caring for the man even when you’d rather that he be gone. Nice of you to share your bed with the mouse.

  18. Chey, I definitely think the mouse needs to move over so you can nap.

  19. How DARE that mouse sleep in YOUR bed!!!!!!

    We are glad we don’t have a male to play nurse to. Playing nurse to Meowm is enough for us!

  20. Men are so much harder to play nurse to den lady beans. Dey is like little babies! Why don’t yoo climb into bed wif da mouse and have a snuggle?

  21. deer chey,
    cood u take a moment an vote fer halloween squillion uv 2008?
    <a href=””click heer
    pleez an thank u.

  22. let’z try dis again:
    “click heer”
    pleez an thank u.

  23. duhr … jus vizit mi blog an vote.

  24. SO far I haven’t been stuffed into a costume wither, and that makes me VERY happy. But I am getting a kick out of the cats on Skeezix’s contest. So costumes amuse me, and long as they’re not ON me.

  25. I don’t wear a collar, much less a costume! Yep, I’ve got to talk to my Mom about this Facebook thing!

  26. Both bed and mousie are wonderful. Plus not having to wear a costume makes for feeling very thankful! Happy Halloween!

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