Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for two things this week. Number one, I am not the only candidate to state that healthcare is a right. Senator Obama said that the other night at the debates. Speaking as a child of a health care provider and thus having a great deal of expertise in this issue, I do not believe his plan goes far enough, but it is a beginning. Saying that healthcare is not a right is akin to saying someone doesn’t have the right to live.

I am also thankful for bodyguards…

From the Cat Post Intelligencer:

Recent reports are that supports of the McCain/Palin campaign are not only getting away with threatening Senator Obama, but threatening Candidate Cheysuli.

“Someone needs to kill that liberal #$% Cat!” stated one person at a McCain rally.

“I’ll help ya. I HATE cats,” responded an unnamed voice that sounded eerily like Tina Fay.

Cheysuli’s bodyguards are heightening security. While the Secret Service is taking threats on Senator Obamas life far more seriously than the rival campaign, which seems to be egging them on as if they are inciting a lynch mob, they are less inclined to take threats on Cheysuli seriously.

“We only have so much man power and we have to reserve that for humans,” said a Secret Service Spokesperson.

“Specism,” said Cheysuli. “Once Again Specism.”


  1. Oh look at all three of you together! Very nice. 🙂

    I’m glad you’ve got bodyguards watching out for you, Chey.

  2. Specism strikes again – you’ve got to address this as the first issue once you take over the oval office Chey!

  3. Thanks for inviting us over while the Beans are away. We could offer you extra protection in exchange for joining your nap pile.

  4. Chey, does SNL have anyone to do a parody on you? It’s been rumored that Sarah Palin will guest star on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update Thursday (tonight, NBC and Global at 9:30) to play Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin. We’d love to see that video! hahaha!

  5. He’s juz jealous cos he knows that felines are superior to hoomans.

  6. Healthcare is a right. My Mommy works in healthcare as well and unfortunatley sees first hand what not having access to healthcare can do to beans.

  7. Nice picture of all of you. I don’t know about all of this politics stuff because my Mom deals with that, but I would vote for Chey if I could. Forget about the beans, I say.

  8. Are they using your middle name in a racist and sad tactic to make you look like a terrorist, because they have no economic policy and a v.p. that thinks Afghanistan is a “neighboring country?” 🙂

  9. Healthcare is very important Chey. Australia has a better health care system.
    Good luck with your security issues. I will be alert for any rumours.

  10. don’t worry Chey, between Nubi and Tony’s guys, you should have enough security.

  11. Thank goodness for bodyguards. We’d hate for any of those Palin lovers to get you in there sights.

    BTW, that is a stunning picture of you over at Tristan’s.

  12. oooooooooowhat a lovely group of kitties all cuddled together…that was so sweet.

    your boyfriendcat

  13. Someone called me Daisy Six-Pack! They are going too far.

  14. Looks like you have some good protection. And I couldn’t agree with you more about health care being a right. Dad sees it at his work, too, with people having to choose between their health and a bill. It truly is a shame.

  15. What a warm lookin’ nap pile! Me, too!

  16. It is so nice to see all of you together 🙂
    If you need more protection, I can help.
    Have you seen any helicopters in your area?
    Some people use them for nefarious purposes 😮
    Purrs Mickey

  17. I think you should you make us campaign posters with that full monty pose on them. Every man cat in the world will be sure to vote for once they see that. Probably some the spicy vixens will vote for you too!

  18. How bad would it be if I attacked some of those “other” candidates? Proabaly not “that one” but you know, the other ones.

  19. We Love that picture of you all! 🙂
    ~ The Bunch

  20. Thank God for the bodyguards! That horror from Alaska wouldn’t even blink killing you! But someone who is an areal wolf shooter should be in prison instead of on the campaign trail….
    Health insurance IS a right – for humans AND animals alike.
    Unfortunately I am afraid we will not see that right exercised in this country in our (or our humans) lifetime….
    But there is always hope……. IS there?

  21. Bite & Run Patrols will now be guarding you 24/7. Nubi has called in his Jedi poose friends for back up.
    The Force is With You.

    the pooses for peace
    ps today is the anniversary of Che Guevara’s death…and it is John Lennon’s birthday… hmmmmmm

  22. As for your health care plank in the Chey party platform, I’m with you 100%. If loving your ideas is wrong, I don’t wanna be Right…

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