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Gemini contemplates new ways to be naughty

Gemini contemplates new ways to be naughty

I was a naughty cat this past weekend. I walked all over Momma on Sunday morning earlier than she wanted to get up. I mean it was already 6 AM!

She thought at first it was Georgia but then I plopped my floofy buns in her face and began to purr. She realized that Georgia can’t walk that far up the bed (she falls off if she tries and so she doesn’t go) and Momma realized it was me.

I just needed some attention. I don’t know why she was upset. 6 AM is very late don’t you think?


  1. Lovely picture of you, Gemini. Who wouldn’t want that floof in their face at 6:00 in the morning??? 🙂

    P.S. We’ll keep you posted on the Lensbaby. Mom fears it won’t be ready for shipping yet. :-/

  2. You are definely correct.
    4am is my standard alarm clock~!!
    You are very very nice to your mommy already!

  3. Gemini, we think 6:00 am is a perfectly acceptable time to wake up your mom, however our Mom would disagree. We also get yelled at and pushed off the bed if we dare to try to wake her up before she is ready. And on weekends that can be quite late.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  4. 6:00 am is almost lunchtime!

  5. Whimpurr does not appweciate being waked up dat early eifur! I jest don’t understand but dats da way it iz! Purrs, Redfurd.

  6. I think ANY hour you want attention is fine!
    Remember,cats rule!!!!!
    I do not know why our beans do not accept this 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  7. Miss Gemini
    Anytime yoo wants to walk anywear is OK!
    That wuz a lovely pixchur of yoo in da sunbeans.
    All of yur floof is more gorjuss by the clear light
    shining on them….


    yur boyfriendcat

  8. We think 6AM is a purrfectly acceptable time to walk on Momma. Some of us more foofy (not fat, foofy) ones think laying on her tummy is good. It seems to get her up faster.
    ~ The Bunch

  9. We’d be working on our second breakfast by then!

  10. A human always has to have time for its kitty – even if it’s 6 o’clock in the morning!

  11. 6:00 am is the crack of dawn and mom would kill me if I ever did that. Sunday is mom’s sleep late day. NO ONE wakes her up. Even me!


  12. 6:00 AM? That’s practically mid-afternoon!

  13. 6:00 am is unforgivably late – how dare she?

    Gemini & Chey, please forgive us for not visiting for so long. Our humans have been obsessed with setting up as vendors at a cat show, but it’s over now and I have the catputer back, so we’ll be by more often!


  14. I don’t think 6am is at all early. I dunno what these humans make such a fuss about. Wht waste the day when you can be smooching uo to someone or walking on their face while they’re asleep?

  15. Miss Gemini

    I have a “boo”licious surprise for you…come check it out…

    your boyfriendcat

  16. Mmh, I’m not a good advisor, because I always walk all over my mom at about 3 and once again at 5:30 a.m.. I think that’s fine but she doesn’t like it either. That’s why I can’t sleep with her anymore. We have to investigate further on that issue and exchange our findings!

  17. You go girl!

  18. 5:00 AM is my standard wake up time. We’ve had breakfast, scritches, and litter box time by 6:00! By 7:00 we’re napping and dreaming about treats!


  19. Yes, Chey, there was a whole gang of Cheysuli impersonators at the cat show, but my humans were simply too aghast to get pictures of them! Horrors!!


  20. Just wait until next Sunday when 6 AM is really 5 AM and then she’ll be even more thrilled!

  21. That depends. Jan hates 6 a.m. on a cold morning! Actually, we all hate 6 a.m. on a cold morning. We pile on the blankets so she can’t get up.

  22. Hehehe, we love to do the morning walk on mommy’s face.

  23. Floofy buns in the face at 6 am on Sunday – excellent work. FAZ

  24. We think 6 am is late too…but our mom doesn’t think so!

  25. Oh yes, 6am is very late – what was she going to do sleep away the whole morning? Everyone knows you should prowl around until about 8am and then nap the rest of the day – beans are so hard to train properly.

  26. 6 am is da purrfect time to wake da mom up…we do that every morning rain or shine! Sometimes it takes all three of us to get her lazy butt out of bed.

  27. I don’t think that 6:00 AM is too early to get up. After all, us cats need breakfast! Willow and I like to wake up our mom at 5:30. Gemini, you look gorgeous in your floofyness and contemplation!

    Purrrrrrs, China Cat

  28. 6 AM is a little late by my standards. Oh, and I don’t know whut Tenny is talking about. Esparamints? Not me. It’ll all make sense very early in the morning Friday. Wake up yur Momma then and have her reed it too yoo.

  29. Uh, Gemini, that is pushing it a little bit on a Sunday morning. But I am sure your momma loves you anyway.

  30. Rosie and cheeto says:

    oh 6am is soooo late, plus yoo wure purring which is a sine of LUV!!!

  31. *I* think people should get up by 6 am but mine are so lazy that if I get them up before 9, they get all snarky and whiny and just aren’t worth it. By the time they get up, I’m STARVING!

  32. 6AM? We get our Mom up even earlier than that sometimes. Our Dad is no fun – he’s up even earlier than we are.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  33. Whicky Wuudler says:

    Gemini, there is no such thing as a “naughty cat”. It’s a rumour put about by humans who want to spend all day in bed when they should be awake and adoring we cats.

  34. 6 am is late for us….but those beans, they are lazy and like to sleep in!

  35. 6 oclock am? Dat is way late we fink! Now if yoo had done dat at like 8 oclock pm dem we’d say dat was early!

  36. 6am??? That’s LATE! I do that at 5 at the latest. My cousin Charlotte does it at 4.30am for food.

  37. I don’t think your naughty at all. After all, like you said, it was a 6 AM. Us cats have to claim our rights, and speak out when we’re hungry.

    Hugs…and Happy Haloween, Gretcen and Mike

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