Tabby Tuesday

Gemini Tocks

Gemini Tocks

Well I didn’t get to do Tocktober yesterday, so I will wish Derby a happy Birthday and Tocktober today! Here are my tocks. I have floofy tocks. I bet you can’t even find my tocks they are so floofy. Do you suppose I could do a find tocks Tuesday that would be as fun as Chey’s Find Chey Friday?!

Maybe it would be even MORE fun! Because I am a more fun cat than Cheysuli.

I would say more, but Momma says maybe people are all Tocked out so I should be quiet.  I stuck my tiny little pink tongue out at her for the pun.


  1. Whicky Wuudler says:

    My you are a floofy one Gemini. I don’t think anyone but the most intrepid explorer could find the ‘tocks buried in all that gorgeous floof!

  2. Gemini, Michico always wonders how good your fur~~
    Shiny, golden fur under the sunshine,
    making our heart are all feeling heat~!

  3. Gemini you look so pretty with all that floof standing out like a halo 🙂

  4. I had to look very hard, but I think I saw them!

  5. those are some floofy ‘tocks Gemini!!!

  6. ::::::::::::THUD:::::::::::::

    Uh oh….PING Ping Ping are you OK buddy?

    :::points with paw::::

    Did you see?
    Did you see all that gorgeous floofiness?

    *woo hoo*
    Miss Gemini is fabulously floofy!

    your boyfriendcat

  7. Gemini, you are as floofy as me! I think it is fine that you are showing your tocks on Tuesday. Our mom’s can find the tocks and that is what matters.

  8. OH yea, we can’t find yer tocks newhere! Yoo has pawsome floof!!

  9. We’re still looking for them tocks, Gemini!

  10. Those are some fine floofy tocks …

  11. Okay, Gemini, we give up. We cannot find your ‘tocks!

  12. Gemini, you look like a soft, floofy tabby cloud!

  13. You have gorgeous furry ‘tocks!

  14. Some seriously foofy ‘tocks there! And CHEY-TOCKS!

  15. Gemini, you are gorgeously floofy. Purrrrs.

  16. Hehehe, your tocks are super floofy. They’re like mine so I wasn’t hard finding them.
    Purrs, Siena

  17. Fuffy tocks must be quite useful. Mine are highlighted in brown.

  18. Well, we are not all ‘Tocked out! hahaha! You have adorable ‘Tocks, Gemini!

  19. You are right about finding your tocks,but it might be fun looking 😉 heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  20. There are tocks in all that floof?

  21. Ha, ha, ha, that certainly isn’t a shot of your tocks. But you sure look like a sweet cuddly kitty.

  22. Oh we finks more tocks would be fun! It’s like eatin a whole ham or somefin like dat instead of jus a little piece of ham.

  23. I like your fluffy tocks Gemini!

  24. *let’s see, der’s da tail…following dat, um, no dat’s not dem…um, der? Nope…* We can’t find yoor tocks!

  25. Oh Gemini…what a lovely puddle of fur you are!

  26. Gemini, you are such a lovely ball of floof, and you have wonderful floofy ‘tocks! We were definitly not too ‘tocked out to enjoy yours!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  27. Ooohhh! You are so pretty! And sticking your little pink tongue out at your Momma is a great idea!

    Luf, Us

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