Tabby Tuesday

EEK! What is Momma putting on my head?!

Oh it is just my spider.

Momma I don’t like to WEAR my spider. I like to play with my spider.

What do you mean I should get used to wearing things because it’s time for Costumes again. I do not like costumes and I do not want to wear one.

And Chey got 50% more fans than she had before! Yeah. But I still do not think she will get the 2.1 million she needs to over take Obama.


  1. Oops you look a little perturbed by that spider!

  2. Heehee! You have a great look on your face. Whatcha gonna be for Halloween?

  3. Hahahaha~~
    Spider should be play with, not wearing it~
    You have very good expression!

  4. Your Spider looks like it would be fun to pounce and torment, but not wear!

  5. I hear that spiders are very chic to wear this year.

  6. Gemini,Mom hopes your spider is a nice ‘toy’
    I am not likely to get one as Mom hates spiders 😉
    I think you and Chey have a nice blog,so I have given you an award 🙂 Drop by anytime and pick it up !
    Purrs Mickey

  7. Whicky Wuudler says:

    Your are right, a spider is not a hat!

  8. Spiders are tasty! Mom hates them so I get extra mighty hunter special kitty attention when I eat one. I bet I would even get a treat for eating the one on your head.

  9. little miss Gemini sat on a tuffet
    eating her curds and whey

    does you like curds and whey?

  10. You take a good picture, even with a spider!
    ~ Gracie and KittyBoy

  11. Mom and Dad were looking at costumes last night at Target … I hope they weren’t getting any ideas because I agree with you, no costumes for me.

  12. Miss Gemini do I needs to come ofur and protect yoo frum dat evil spider. I can make quick cat meats out of it and make sure it will do yoo no harm…

    your boyfriendcat

  13. Yikes! I don’t fink Whimpurr would evfun let a toy spider in our house! ~ Redfurd ~

  14. You do look a little bit spooked by the spider!

  15. re: Nielson Rating Box – must be part of the new BlogHer Ads. We haven’t seen that one yet.

  16. You are so lovely, Gemini, that I am certain you can even make a spider look chic!

  17. Spiders on the head is not fun!

  18. Oh my! That looks very scary to have your spider appear on your head!

    We are glad that Chey has gotten twice as many fans as before! This is good!

    Luf, Us

  19. awww you are looking lovely and so cute and tell me who is behind you ???? SPIDER or SPIDERMAN?? lolz

  20. I wouldn’t want a spider on my head either!


  21. Pet humans can be soooo annoying near holidays.
    We are certain Chey will be victorious!


  22. Tell Chey we Ballicai are rooting for her! And Gemini, you do look cute with that spider on your head, *giggle*.

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  23. Well, we are pulling for you Chey. And Merlin has a spider just like that. It is his favorite toy. He’s had it for 7 years and still LUVS it so ~

  24. Gemini you either look terrified of your spider or ready to put the bitey on him.

  25. We’z wif yoo Gemini…we tawt mom a long time ago dat we do not wear clotheses…EVER!

  26. I’ll bet you’d look real cute in a costume, Gemini – but I know what you mean. I don’t like to wear them either!

  27. Eeeeeeekkkkk! Mom would be screamin to get it off her an Beau Beau would just, well, he would jus eat it. We haf a furry low population of spiders in da howse now.

  28. Nasty looking spider, Gemini. I’d whap it and then whap whoever was responsible for it.

  29. Yikes, not spiders! Not for wearing, not for eating! 2.1 million is a furry high number to have to catch up.

  30. I don’t blame you. I don’t like wearing anything either.

  31. I loooove that outraged expression!

  32. Ooooo! Spiders! That’s what we need around here! My OTW’s lazy and hasn’t even gotten the Halloween decorations out yet! All those glorious black cat decorations going to waste, in a box! And a box filled with something other than me! Hmph!


  33. Must. Kill. Spider.

  34. That spider looks fun to hunt! And tell Chey we will go git Daddy to become a Chey supporter. He’s got that Facebooky thing too.

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