Sunday Guest Star: Boots and the Interlopers

Well Boots and the Interlopers found me almost immediately!

Are you visiting the Queen and swatting the woofies?

And indeed I was!

Snow, Leo and Fairy were the first to recognize the building I’m on:

Looks like you are on top of Buckingham Palace to us!

Mickey, the Island Cats, Miss Peach, DerbyPixel and Samba and Alexi all got the answer right as well.   And good for them. I’m getting so tired of having to be lost and being lost in difficult places.

Zevo knew where I was (they say),

For your own safety we will not say where you are. Be careful!

Of course, the Meezers remind us:

somewhere in England? If the Pooses for Peace sent you, they probably gave you a lot of tequila first, so it could be anywhere.

Um yes. I need to start trying to avoid that tequila, shouldn’t I?  Sigh.  At any rate, a great Chey Friday!  And no, Daisy, I was not in a library.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Chey-tocks…


  1. We thought you had gone there to meet with foreign leaders as part of your campaign..Boots is soooo puretty and floofy 🙂

  2. Congratulations to all who found you. I should have recognized the building, but I didn’t.

  3. Hahahahahaha!!!! I love Boots’ answer!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  4. What you were at Buck Palace and you didn’t stop by and visit me? What a shame. FAZ

  5. Maybe nest week!
    Looking forward to seeing your ‘tocks!

  6. wow chey … i had to rush back to wen i wuz yer sunday gest star … dat wuzza eksitin time fer me.
    maybe nex week.

  7. We really need to see more than our backyard so maybe we can do better guessing, Chey. We stink. We’re looking forward to Chey ‘Tocks! hahaha!

  8. We missed guessing this week. Guess that is OK, because we never get it right 🙂
    ~ The Bunch

  9. You were in merry England visiting the Queen, what fun!

    Mindy, Moe, Bono

  10. That’s cool!! I am wondering if you saw the Queen, I think she should have made room in her schedule for you – it’s an honour for a Meezer to visit!

  11. Tsk, I missed checking your picture this week, I would definitely have known this one!

    Can’t believe you were in London and didn’t come and visit me!

  12. Rats! If I keep guessing, I must be correct SOME time. Right?

  13. I wanna go ta Englands… mommeh saz no i too little yets.


  14. Congratulations to Boots and the Interlopers!

    Thank you so much for your sweet birthday wishes. I had a lovely day!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  15. Sorry I missed it! But congrats to Boots and the Interlopers too!

  16. Can’t wait to see the Chey-tocks!

  17. I guessed a building, so I was going to be right no matter where you were. Hee! Hee!

  18. iz yoo purrin wiff an english accent???

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