Sunday Guest Star

Well this weeks photo, donated by Latte the Meezer (my darling and wonderful husband) was very difficult. Most cats thought I was at a factory, but Jeter Harris got it right:

i wuz gointa say da yooniversity uv massachoozettz … becuz dere izza big tall bildin called a “libreree” on da campus …
am i still close?

Jeter, yes, I am at Universtiy of Amherst in Massachusetts. I am not sure which building I am sitting on but that’s where I am.

None of you should feel badly for not getting this one because it was rather difficult. Also for those cats who worry they will never know where I am? Daisy doesn’t! And I WISH I had been where Daisy said:

I see the smokestacks, so I think it could be Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

Wouldn’t that have been cool? Chance also had a good suggestion, but talked himself out of it:

Mommie sez dat luks lyk da factory ware dey mayk Hershey’s chocholate. But I tol, her you cana be der cuz chocholate iz bad fur kitties an iffen yoo eet sum yoo will get sik an miss da electshuns. Den hoo wuld we all vote for?

Feel free to contact me and send me on a photo of some place close to you as well! Who knows when I will end up near you all!

Oh and the Woman is offering her blog for the Carnival this week.   Get your submissions in! Make her work!!!


  1. That was a difficult one – your last quiz – we didn’t have a clue either..Jeter is a smart mancat!

  2. OMC, I would never have got it. I have only ever been to one university (SS’s) and it looks nothing like that.

  3. Woohoo Jeter – good going!

  4. Willie Wonka! I’d rather go to Willie Wonka’s!

  5. Congratulations to Jeter. I would never have gotten that one. I love Daisy’s suggestion.

  6. Doh! Mom is so embarrassed that that she did not recognize U-Mass Amherst! She has 2 nephews who have already graduated from U-Mass and has a niece in her sophomore year now. Mom’s brain cells are getting a little bit moldy. It is quite a beautiful campus and a fine University!

  7. Wow…that was a very extra hard one. Jeter must be very very very smart!

    Very truly yours,
    The Whiskers and Purrs Gang

  8. Way to go, Jeter! I feel confident that if I keep guessing, one day I will answer correctly.

  9. wowie kazowie … mi first time EVER bein correct fer da “ware iz chey” kweschun uv da week!
    i’m feelin smart!
    pee ess … an i am NOT givin razberriez to doze uv u hoo diden’t know!

  10. Kudos for Jeter!!!!!!!
    What a cat!
    Purrs Mickey

  11. Well, we are certainly glad Jeter is not giving a raspberry to those of us who didn’t know where you were. He was smart to guess correctly. We never know where you are. Oh, wait, we were very close once. But close didn’t win. sigh

    Chey, Doesn’t your mom work for a vet?

  12. Good going, Jeter! Your detection skills are grate!

    Kudos to your human as well for hosting this week’s Carnival.

  13. Way to go, Jeter! One of these days I will recognize where you are!

  14. Wow! did someone say chocolate factory!

    I love the tongue hanging out.


  15. jeter that shure iz sumfing tha way yoo hafe yur tongue owt lyk that. iz yoo related ta gene simmons kitties???

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