Sunday Guest Star

Well, it was no surprise to me that Miss Peach knew exactly where I was as her human is planning on visiting Leavenworth for Octoberfest!

HA! You are in Leavenworth across the street fron Sandy’s Waffel house! Did you go to Uncle Ulli’s Pub and have a bratwurst? My mouth is watering…it is Octoberfest right now!

I wasn’t there for Octoberfest because my humans didn’t manage to plan their little trip there during the festival! They just went on the off weekend.

They did not go to Uncle Ulli’s pub but the woman did have a very nice brat across the way. She was disappointed in the one cafe’s potato salad–it wasn’t even hot! How can that be?!

Chance, of course has the comment that had everyone talking or perhaps thinking the same thing!:

Are you playing Rapunzel?

Rapunzel Rapunzel, Let down yur furs soes I may climb up an rescyoo yoo. Hehehe.

Seriusly doh, I hav no ideeya ware yoo are, but dat waz funs.

So it was a good Find Chey. Leavenworth thanks all of you who thought I went to Bavaria!  Of course now I get to try and pull her away from Facebook…. sigh.


  1. Yeah Miss Peach!

    I haff nuthin against Germinny but some of thare foods stink. My peeple had this stuff called sower krowt and I reely wantid to bury it. Thay shood jes stick to beers.

  2. Oh my!!! My sweet Miss Peach is such a smart girlcat!!!!!
    Maybe the smartness will rub off on me 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  3. Stupid SS thought she pressed the wrong key and ended up in Miss Peach’s blog until she read closely. What am I to do with this SS? Should I advertise for a new one?

  4. That is a cute picture you have of Miss Peach. Sorry to hear that you didn’t get to Octoberfest. did they bring you any bratwurst?

    Mindy & MOe

  5. Yay for Miss Peach! It’s too bad your Mom missed out on Oktoberfest, but I’m glad she got some good bratwurst anyway.

  6. awwww! you look adorable in there!


  7. That is a cool condo Miss Peach has!

  8. Here in the Deep South they had the Honeybee Festival all week. No Brats, No Beer. There was a parade though, at least we think there was…

  9. Hey~!
    That is wonderful Miss Peach is the guest star~

  10. I knew that Miss Peach had to be right! Good for her!

  11. Wooo hooo Miss Peach! Chey, that is such a beautiful place, and you look so cute up there in the window! Have a happy Sunday!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  12. wait, did we miss the news? how in the heck did you end up in the Federal Prison at Leavenworth? Do I have to whap someone to get you out?

    oh, ok, sorry, it seems that there might be more than one place called leavenworth in the world. there should not be, it’s too confusing.

  13. Way to go, Miss Peach! You are smart!

  14. Well done to Miss Peach.

  15. Yay for Miss Peach!
    She is a very smart ladycat.
    ~ Sara and Noah

  16. One of these days I’m going to get it …

  17. Yay – congrats to Miss Peach!

  18. Hot potato salad? Oh, German potato salad…duh. Mom don’t make dat to much anymore cuz it doesn’t taste da same wif splenda as it does wif sugar.

  19. Miss Peach says:

    Thank you Chey for the honor of being your featured guest today…it was fun! The beankid came home from Leavenworth today and brought us lots of wonderful rasin bread covered in powdered sugar…we will eat like kings all week!

  20. Our Momma loves Leavenworth! We don’t live all that far from it, maybe 3 hours. She says it is a festive place, whatever that means.


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