Spooky Find Chey Friday

Well Happy Halloween. So although I am some place hard to find me, I had to go here as it’s the scariest place I could think of!

Where do you think I am? Is there anything I should be worried about? Do you think Daisy will find me this week?

Check out the full Find Chey Rules.

Carnival of the Cats will be here! Our Sunday Guest Star (or stars) will head up this weeks Carnival. Make your guess count!

We apologize if we don’t get around to as many cats as usual. The Woman is coming down with what the man had and will probably be sleeping a lot tomorrow.


  1. Hmmm…the scariest place we can think of would be Sara Palin’s house… or maybe John Mccain headquaters right now
    hmmmm or are you at Haliburton? Be careful!

  2. That does look like a spooky place. Are you at a haunted mansion?

  3. Hey, I see Daisy! I think it’s some place she’s familiar with!

  4. Wowww….. are there ghost in those houses?
    That place looks very scary to me!
    Stay in safe!

  5. I dunno where you are Chey – but I’m: WisHinG yOu a FaBulOuSly SpOoKy HalLoWeEn!

  6. We thought hard about this one but couldn’t figure out..it iz a very spooky house though..

  7. Are you at a prison?

  8. … we are thinking it was onect-pon-time house where they put all the crazee cats… those that yowled and howled and spoke crazee words… the place where no one wants to be (so get Daisy out of there, quick!)

  9. Is it a castle in Florida that was damaged by a hurricane?

  10. Happy Halloween. iz yoo at tha Waverly Sanatorium???

  11. HAhaha we just spotted Daisy too.

  12. It looks very scary wherever you are, Chey. Take Daisy with you when you get out of there — and I suggest sooner than later! It kind of looks like a prison or warehouse where horrifying things happened…

    Halloween purrrrrs, Willow

  13. I can see you in front of this house, but haven’t any idea where it is. Miaouwwwww!

  14. Looks like an old prison to me! Be careful because it looks like it might fall down.

  15. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Hope you get lot and lots of treats today, no tricks for such a good kitties.
    No idea where you are at? Looks pretty scary, I bet especially when it is dark outside.

  16. Happy Halloween Chey!!!!
    Don’t know where you are,but if it’s a spooky place, then alriiiiiiiiiiight!!!!!! (it’s not too spooky,right? )
    BOO!!! Mickey

  17. We don’t know, but the scariest place has got to be the vet’s office! We’ll keep thinking about it because that would be one scary kitty hospital!

  18. meezer reform school?

  19. Dracula’s Castle?

    We hope you are havin a spooktacular time….
    Miss Gemini would you like me to accompany you trick o treatin so that you will be safe?

    Purrs and Happy Halloween
    Your boyfriendcat

  20. Hi Chey – we think that the scairty place you are is some sort of reform school for bad meezers or something. It looks like an old school

  21. For once I think I know! It helps since I am actually there! Let me see, I will just consult my handy GPS… Oh no! It’s on the fritz! Just my luck.

  22. Is that where we are going to live after the election? It looks askeery but I would protect you!

  23. It looks like… SKULE! Look out fur mean teachers an bullies! Unless it’s Bedlam.

    Oh Chey, I hope you gets yur voice back! This is a terrible time fur a purrsidenshal catidate to loose her voice! I’s so sorry we posted such a frightening pictor!

    I hope you girls get some extra treats!

    That place looks really intersting

    purrrs and hugs

  25. I do not know where that is, but I don’t think I want to visit!
    Happy Halloween!!
    ~ Napoleon and The Bunch

  26. hay chey can you please send me and adress so i can send you a hoilday card after all soon you be living at 1400 pensivina ave in DC. But before i can send it there let me know send it to me at


  27. What a cool mansion!!!
    And we enjoyed your thankfulness post too!
    If we haven’t thanked you yet for your kind words to us this week, we want to do so now! All the cat bloggers who stopped by, even those we don’t know have really meant alot to us. Thank you!

  28. Transylvania?

    Roxy & Lucky

  29. I don’t have a clue where you are but at least you and Daisy can keep each other company. You also found a real, good fixer upper there, broken windows and all.

  30. We can’t believe we are here AGAIN ON A FRIDAY…..
    NO idea of course where that is but we think if it is the scariest place you could think of then zevo calamari is right with her suggestion of Sarah Palin’s house?
    Happy Halloween to you!!!
    Thank you for still visiting us even if we are so neglectful in returning the favor lately…. It’s all the maid’s fault!!! We already put word out that we need new help!
    Mrs. OZ, Tintin and Karl

  31. Happy Halloween!

  32. i think it’zza skool becuz dere izza ekstenshun … an evreecat knowz dat evree skool hazza ekstenshun.
    a skool.

  33. Hee hee, Zevo Calamari is too funny! We just heard that even Sarah Palin’s hometown Wasilla newspaper endorsed Obama!

    Chey & Gemini, thank you for your purrs for our Callie. My mom is taking her to the vet next week, so keep your paws crossed.


  34. Chey, we hope you had a Happy Halloween! We think it is cute how Daisy is peeking out at you in your picture … hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  35. I don’t know where you’re at, Chey, but it does look very spooky! I hope you had a great Halloween.

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  36. I don’t know where you are, Chey, but I hope somebody figyures it out soonies cuz it looks really really skeery!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  37. I think that I finally found you at District School in Concrete, WA… anyway if that’s not where you are, it looks really scary too!

    Purrrrrrrrrrs, Willow

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