Meezer Monday

From the Cat Post Intelligencer:

Candidate Cheysuli has taken a few days to go visit a sick feline friend. Sources outside the campaign wonder if she’s really doing this or if this is a cover for her to change her birth certificate.

While Cheysuli has claimed to be only a regular house pet, despite being a purebred Siamese, sources have long been critical of her background her ability to understand the needs of the ordinary cat. Rumors abound that Cheysuli is actually covering up her show records, that are rumored to exist but have never been found.

“I really think it’s just a story about her not being shown. She’s obviously a perfect cat and would have been shown by any smart breeder who didn’t eat her for dinner. You betcha I would have!” said one unnamed supporter of another candidate.

“Cheysuli was never shown. She broke her tail as a kitten and was ineligible under CFA rules. Even if she had been shown, she certainly wouldn’t have placed,” said a campaign member. “Additionally, she is currently  a housecat, having been ‘petted out’ by her breeder.  Cheysuli has close ties to many friends and is currently visiting a sick friend. Now lets get back to the issues.”


  1. The lengths some people go to for dirt… BTW nice ‘tocks

  2. Why thank you Sophia but you do know that I am happily married…

  3. Sheesh! They just never stop trying to come up with something do they? This is just silly. Of course you understand the needs of regular cats. You live with two of them and know a great many more.

  4. Chey, Mommy can’t get past how adorable you look in that photo!

  5. Shocking! Next thing you know, they will be trying to make something of your broked tail, Chey!

  6. Yur tail wuz broken?

    Hellooooooooooo Miss Gemini

    Yur boyfriendcat

  7. The press just won’t leave you alone, will they, Chey? Purrrrrrrrrs. <3

    Great picture, by the way. 😉

  8. Press is just… icky.
    If you have to deal with all this press junk to be purresident, I’d refink bein purresident.
    As Max sez, “I’m just sayin.”

  9. Were you secretly meeting with Joe the Plumber?

  10. Hope the sick friend is OK … Even if you were a show cat, shouldn’t we want an elite show cat and not some alley cat?

  11. Darn pawparazzi…..and political commentators! What do they really know anyway…..

  12. Effen if yoo were “shown” they shoodn’t hold that against yoo. Yoo obviously know the needs of regular howse poodins and how to keeps yore beans trained to meet yore needs.

  13. Ha ha! You are obviously making your opponent nervous if they have gone to such lengths to smear you


  14. deer chey,
    frum da lookz uv dat pikshur … yer a show cat alrite!
    thank u fer likin mi poem. wuz it hard fer u to reed???
    har again.
    i luv u chey!

  15. D Day is getting close and the reporters are getting desperate!!!
    Sorry about your tail,but I would not have met you had it not been broken 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  16. Oh I woul dlove to see your showcat photos!!

    er, um, yeah 🙂

  17. Chey that is why I, Derby, your basic cat, am your running mate. You got me so you are not the elite cat.

  18. becareful! they’ll try to get you every chance they get!

  19. Don’t let the media get to you, Chey. We’re counting on you to be moving near us in D.C. come January.


  20. I didn’t realize your tail was broken. It’s all better now, right?

  21. They’re always trying to dig up the dirt on the good candidates!

  22. mom said: you are very cute – so I feel a bit jealous!

  23. Hey Chey, I do think they do not appweciate you enough. Anyway, I’ve given you an award. Come by and pick it up!

  24. Don’t worry, Chey. If you’re being maligned in the press, you must be doing well in the polls.

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