Meezer Monday

From the Cat Post Intelligencer:

On the website Facebook, Barak Obama’s supporters out number the supporters of both John McCain and Cheysuli. In fact Cheysuli’s supporters lag behind both the two major candidates even on this alternative news source.

Statistics show that 100% of Cheysuli’s supporters are women. Most are between the ages of 24 and 45. It appears that if Cheysuli is to have any hope of pulling out this election, she needs to broaden her appeal to male voters.


Help me beat Barak Obama! I only need 2.1 million more supporters before the election. You can become a fan here if you are already on Facebook!


  1. If only the kitties were allowed to vote…

  2. I’m not surprised that McCain has few supporters on Facebook. I would be surprised if McCain knows what Facebook is.

    But, you obviously have superiour internet talents to Obama. So I don’t understand why you would lag behind in an electronic venue.


  3. Beg to differ on your claim all Chey supportors are female… Skeeter and The Big Thing support ya too, and theyre guys…

    LC and Ayla

  4. Do mancats count? You got my vote!


  5. Michico are in that Statistics number as well~!!

  6. Rudy would vote for you in a second, and then he would steal your spider!

  7. Right, Chey – plan of action. If you want male supporters, drastic times call for drastic measures – you need to do a britney and go stark naked in some of your campaign photos. Think about a few seductive shots, perhaps with the feather boa and a misty eyed chey peering over the top. I just think that is the way forward!


  8. I don’t know about others, but that SPIDER would chase this woman away!!!! YIKES!!!

  9. Maybe your cat friends are keeping a low profile 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  10. Uh oh. We better call out the male reinforcements!

    Luf, Us

  11. Eeek! there’s a ‘pider on your back. I’m scared of those things – you’re so brave.

  12. I like how you’re using the fall themes to attrack some extra voters. You look extra wonderfully gorgeous today!

  13. Chey, you don’t look too pleased to have a spider on your back… My Dad’s not on Facebook (he understands his addictive personality and chooses to just stay away) but he supports you, and I’m male and support you too (even though, as a cat, I guess they won’t let me vote).

  14. Mccain can’t even figure out how to use email.. so i would not worry about his fans being in Facebook! We are not on Facebook.. the pet human said she is too busy to try. So sorry.

  15. You can do it, Chey!

  16. If only we kitties could vote. I mean, I’m a male (um, kinda, I did have the snip snip done but I refuse to watch Sex and the City so…) and Im a fan.

    Mommy has a Facebook page! We’ll go be your fans!

  17. Love the Halloween photo!

  18. Ruh roh, Reorge. 2.1 million more supporters in 3 weeks may be a bit out of reach, Chey.

  19. We beg to differ too. We support you and six of us are male.

  20. Meowm just went and became one of your fans!!!!

  21. Thanks fer comin by our party! We had loads of fun wif everyone!!

  22. I will vote fur yoo an i iz TOUF MANCAT!

  23. I think the spider give a nice touch for the male voters.

  24. Target and Au are boy cats and they support you! Who wouldn’t? But tell us, when you are president, what would you do for kitties living in Asia?

  25. umm Chey yoo hafe a little sumfing on yur shoulder. dont get skeered but luks lyk itz a spider.

  26. I just got DKM off of that stoopid Facebook thing!

  27. Chey, you’re seeing that there are a lot more cats and humans that support you even if they’re not on Facebook — and you can add me and my human dad to the list! 3 weeks left, and you’ve got ’em right where you want ’em! 🙂

  28. Hey, my mom’s older than 45 … oops!!! 😉

    Thanks for coming by to wish me well, and purring for my teefies!

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