Meezer Monday

Well there I was ready for my photoshoot with the great gifts from Eric and Flynn. Sigh. And then she put me some place I didn’t want to be. Something about light.

I left.

Then she got back on facebook.

Like that’s anything to brag about.

What is up with that? Mostly it’s just people there. Like people are interesting.

And so Gemini will be showing off our toys. Because she sat there and looked cute. Of course, there still wasn’t enough light and so she started using the flash–hence Gemini isn’t even playing or exploring her favorite spider any more.

I blame facebook for this. Do not let your humans try that thing!


  1. I know. We totally lost DKM all weekend. Stoopid Facebook.

  2. Oah Chey,
    I think this might be the very first time I see your tummy.
    I mean….the full Monty one~!
    So so lovely and adorable!

  3. That is a cute picture of you. Our mom has been on Facebook a lot too. Something about some club for the beans behind the blogs. We don’t get it ourselves.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  4. Facebook sounds as dangerous as World of Warcraft. Humans are weird.

  5. I’m not letting my Mommy go there. Ever.

  6. Mom hardly ever uses the flash because it changes the colors of our furs, and many other things, too. We hope Mom doesn’t start Facebook. There is barely time enough as it is!

  7. My bean have facebook but not like it so she cancel account. She just have myspace, which I guess not so addicting. Mostly she has it so the baseball males can read her blog. She usually only write about them anyway, but I guess they think it interesting to read about themselves. Silly things.

    Bean take pictures last night, but mostly of tabby brofur because I went in closet, not wish to be disturbed.

  8. We have told our mum she is NOT going on Facebook. End of story. She keeps telling us she hasn’t got time to help us visit everybody now, so she needn’t think she is going to give us less time.

  9. yur berry kwut layin stretched owt wiff yur tongue owt.

  10. Mom used to be on Facebook sooooooooooooooo much!!!!
    I think it wore off now 😉 She does not have the time anymore and we complain too much 😉
    Sorry about your photo shoot :/
    Purrs Mickey

  11. Our Moms need to concentrate on us and only us, Chey! We need to lay down the law and make them obey it … hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  12. Owr Momma has Facebook AND MySpace!!! Acckk!!! She isn’t on there too much tho. She did “Meet” Victor and Nina’s Momma on facebook.
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  13. Ah, the evil Facebook … maybe we need a Whiskerbook for us.

  14. facebook – like anyone wants to see our mom’s face. scairty!

  15. Hewo! So fur Whimpurr hasn’t gotten into the facebook ting but I’m afwaid dat once she gets dis whole blogosphere ting figured out din she might be da next casualty!

    Hey, we haz a brand new Siamese baby brofur! What dooz Whimpurr need ta do to git himz in your cwub?

  16. Ah yes, Chey, facebook, aka crackbook, is an addiction.

  17. Miss Gemini

    A fire in the fire place snugglin next to you sounds like heaven……….purrrrrrrrrsssssssssss

    Your boyfriendcat

  18. I have no intention of letting my secretary (aka Mom) get a Facebook page. Already she doesn’t spend enough time tending to our blogging needs and I will firmly put my paw down about this!!


  19. Oh goodness. Facebook and bad lighting. Not good.

    Luf, Us

  20. You still look very cute on that rug. I’ve heard Facebook is eeevil too.

  21. Meowmy is amazed at how her facebook friends jumped from 80ish to over 100 when the bloggers joined! Lighting is an annoying thing isn’t it?

  22. It’s too late, Chey! My mommy is already on facebook!

  23. uh oh, mommy is going to sign up for Kimo & Sabi’s mommy’s group. will i lose her too? i’d better put my paw down.

  24. Hmmm … a book about faces. Sounds so strange. You may have to monitor and limit someone’s internet time.

  25. I see you are sticking your tongue out at your bean. that will show her! How dare her move you when you were in the midst of all your wonderful goodies!!

  26. Oh my gosh – I wish I had learned of this evil facebook before, my Mum just joined up today! It sounds like I am in for some disruption!

  27. Now if it was called Kitty Facebook then maybe we would understand. Humans, humph.

  28. Ugg facebook. Both of our people have that and it is not fun. I think My mom is friends with your mom on there too.

  29. Well, you look great here.

    Facebook is really boring. The Catbook on there is sorta ok…but I think time would be better spent paying attention to me!

  30. Even though my mom has a facebook account, she has promised me she won’t start another thing on the Internet that will take away from me.

  31. Don’t worry, the novelty will wear off. I’m on Myspace and these days hardly ever sign in. You look gorgeous in that photo:) xxx

    P.S. Thanks for your comment, I hope Pinky takes notice!

  32. guess our maw is behind the times or somen cuz she doesnt even know what facebook is.

    shhh, lets keep it that way.


  33. We haff lost our Daddy to Facebook. I jump up on him and he compleetly ignores me! Will yoo address this Facebook in yur administrayshun? It is rooining our peeples!

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